M&S Communication is a Haulage company that is into hiring out trucks to Contractors, Construction Company, Mining Company and Individual or Company that is interested in hiring trucks for their project.

Currently we are looking for partners (individual/company) that are interested in partnering with us, by providing us trucks for a 1 year renewable partnership and absolute right to use their truck to do business with and pay them monthly for the use of their trucks. Which means within this 1 year our company will be in full possession all of the trucks.

These trucks could be new once or those that have been in existence as long as they are sound and are in a good working condition.

Below is our monthly offer:

Our Offer
1. We will pay the truck owner a monthly sum of One Million Five Hundred Naira (N1, 500, 000), which will be paid at the end of each month after the trucks had work or at the end of every week in a month or every bi-weekly.

2. We will make available accommodation for all your drivers.

3. We will handle the monthly maintenance of the trucks by changing the oil and oil filters monthly

4. We will handle the provision of supervisor for the trucks for a proper monitoring of the truck and the operations.

5. We will handle the driver’s daily stipend, which will be Two Thousand Naira (N2, 000) Daily.

6. We will pay the drivers’ a monthly allowance/salary of Seventy Thousand Naira (N70, 000). This means as the Truck Owner you don’t have to worry yourself about paying your drivers monthly because we will be handling that.

What the Truck Owner will Handle in this Partnership
1. They will be in charge of employing their drivers

2. They will be in charge of handling the major maintenance of their Trucks

3. They will handle all the government papers work on the Trucks

4. They will handle the purchase of their trucks. Tokunbo truck cost N14, 000, 000 and above, while the Brand New Truck is N26, 000, 000 upward.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Outside this things list above, the truck owner do not do anything else outside receiving alert in his/her phone of the money we have transfer to his/her bank account.

Type Of Trucks We needed
30 tons HOWO Chinese Dump Truck

Number Of Truck We Need
We need 100 units of 30 ton HOWO Chinese Dump Truck

Partnership Requirement
To come into partnership with us, you need to have 10 units of 30 tons HOWO Chinese Dump truck. It can be more. If you have these number of Trucks or intent buying these number of trucks, and will like us to go into partnership, you are free to contact through the details below:

For more info: Whatsapp