Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1.Everything given on this platform is free so let your review be strictly constructive.


  1. All information must be truthful authentic and verifiable. Provision of false information leads to disqualification.


  1. We will only deliver a freestuff if the giver agrees to our terms and conditions.


  1. All pictures and/or banner ads must be legible and must not be pornographic or offensive pictures or videos


  1. Please post your freestuff in the right section.


6.Don’t use FreeStuffsNg for illegal acts, e.g distribution of unwholesome products, scams, plagiarism, and hacking.


7.Don’t promote shady investments like betting, HYIP, MLM, FOREX, binary options, and cryptocurrencies on FreeStuffsNg.


  1. Don’t post your phone number in the body of the freestuffs announcement. Only Email addresses,websites and verifiable links will be permitted.


  1. Cash transfer to beneficiary through FreeStuffsNg will attract 2.5% of the donated funds to cover bank transactional charges and verification process for the beneficiary.Funds will only be disbursed after verification process is completed.No third party bank account will be accepted to receive donated funds.


  1. Cost of delivering donated goods will be borne by the donor at standard rate provided by a registered courier service. FreeStuffsNg charges 50% of delivery cost to cover verification of recipient and coordinating the delivery of the donated goods.


  1. All complaints should be sent to [email protected]