I need your help, I want to Contribute in making the Cyber Environment More Secure!

I have always been interested in working with computers. From my childhood, computers have always caught my fancy, so much so that when I finished high school, the next thing I looked into was computer. I learnt the basics of working with computers before I proceeded to pursue a degree course in the university. I didn’t choose a degree course in computer in the university I attended because of the limitations of the computer related studies in the school. I felt it was better to learn from the internet or elsewhere due to these limitations. However, I always knew that I would be back to continue from where I stopped in my computer studies.

Today. I have all the time in the world to make this dream come true. I have chosen to pursue a career in cyber security. My decision to do cyber security is due to rising rate of cyber crimes and frauds going on around the internet. I want to contribute positively towards the elimination of as many risk as possible to internet users.

I am ready and very determined, but one bit of detail is missing, and that is the funds I need to get the necessary trainings and materials necessary to kick start my career, I also intend to train for free interested persons who will be working with me by the time I’m done. This is where your support and encouragement is needed. Please if you can help with donations, do help, nothing is too small and nothing is too big. Help me make this dream come true and I will keep my part of the bargain by helping other persons who are interested in this career part to realize their dreams too.

Thanks in anticipation.