ABRO ® All Purpose Foam Cleaner Lime Scent

What is All Purpose Foam cleaner?

It is a foam cleaner that is projected from its container as fast and effective white cleaning foamy spray to clean and disinfect any washable, plain or painted surfaces.

All Purpose foam Cleaner is non-abrasive cleaner and easy to use; just spray and scrub while your Vileda mop and bucket rest just for the while.

They are the cleaners ideal for nearly all surfaces and can be used to remove very stubborn stains.

They are very effective for removing dirty hand prints on walls and doors, scuff marks on  carpets/rugs/floor, water closet smudges, bathtub rings, soot, grease, smoke film, oil , inks stains , light carbon, lipstick, crayon marks, dust and removing stubborn stains and dirts from washable or painted surfaces.

Some containers of all purpose foam cleaners are designed for use to  scrub the surface after spraying the surface with the foam cleaner.

What is the difference between All Purpose Cleaner and Multi Purpose Cleaner?

Unlike All Purpose Foam cleaners, Multipurpose Foam Cleaners are limited in the scope of surfaces it can be used to clean but all purpose cleaner is formulated to be used for cleaning a lot of different surfaces.

To clean surfaces of materials like upholstery fabric, steel, glass and laminated surfaces, use a multipurpose foam cleaner but if it is for removing tough stains that require scrubbing after spraying the surface with the foam cleaner, choose an All Purpose Foam cleaner.

How does foam cleaner work?

Tiny bubbles of foam, produced by its forming ingredient, are discharged onto soiled surfaces to keep the wetting , detergent and de-greasing projected with the foam in contact with the soiled surface long enough time to complete the cleaning process.

What is foam cleaning?

It is the use of a foam cleaner to effectively clean soiled surfaces by projecting the foam cleaner on the dirty surface.

How To Use an All Purpose Foam cleaner?

First, shake the bottle long enough to build up high pressure of the foam and effective mixing of the contents of the bottle.

Place the foam cleaner upright between  10-20cm away from the surface and spray the foam cleaner content on the soiled surface, leave for 30-40 seconds, use a wet cloth or brush to scrub off the stain from the surface then wipe clean with a dry piece of cloth.

Some All Purpose Foam cleaners brands have their cans designed for use as scrubs so you don’t need to get a brush for scrubbing after applying the foam cleaner.

Caution for using an all purpose foam cleaner.

Hold firmly when shaking to avoid it flying out of your hand causing accidents.

Keep the all purpose foam cleaner away from children.

Use the foam cleaner in a well ventilated space.

Do not keep the foam cleaner in a place where temperature is up to or greater than 40°C

Keep the container away from fire.

Benefits of all purpose foam cleaner

It does not discolour rubber, plastic and paint colour of cars.

Foams stick to surfaces and don’t quickly run off like liquid cleaners thereby making foam cleaners better option of cleaner or disinfectant for upright surfaces like walls, side of a car etc.

Foam cleaners produce foams that elongate the contact time between the cleaning ingredients and the soiled surface thereby improving the overall cleaning effect of these ingredients; wetting agent, detergent and grease remover agent.

Foams can be better used to clean and disinfect corners that are difficult to access.

Foam cleaners use less aerosol so they produce less aerosilized cleaning agent likely to float in the air to reach our breathing system and cause allergies or difficulty in breathing. 

Foam cleaners are perfect for cleaning and disinfecting any washable or painted surface as the foam action cleans enhance the deep cleaning to remove the dirts from the soiled surface, restore the original colour and appearance of the surface.

Some have cans that are designed for use to scrub the surface after spraying the surface with the all purpose foam cleaner.

Where can you use the all purpose foam cleaner.

You can use the all purpose foam cleaner on any washable or painted surface.

In automobiles, boat and at home, all purpose foam cleaner can effectively clean painted surfaces, vinyl and fabric upholstery,mats, carpets and chrome surfaces.

At home, foam cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning;





Bathroom fixtures,

Asphalt or ceramic tiles,

painted walls wall coverings,


Instrument board,

window fans,



painted wood,

metal surfaces etc.

In the factories and workshops, all purpose foam cleaner is the right cleaning solution for removing tough stains on any surface.

Examples of brands of All Purpose Foam cleaner.

Abro Masters Clean All All Purpose Foam cleaner Lime Scent.

Key Features of Abro Masters Clean All  All Purpose Foam cleaner Lime Scent.

It comes in 650ml volume in a metallic canister.

It gives a deep action cleaning, a lush shiny appearance to surfaces such as your car dashboard and leather surfaces. It is an All Purpose Foam cleaner so it can be used for any surface.
And it leaves the surface smelling fresh  lime.

The Cleaners can of Abro All Purpose Foam cleaners is designed to be used as a scrubber to scrub stubborn dirt and grime deposits off surfaces of washable or painted surfaces .

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Abro All Purpose Foam cleaner is effective and easy to use.

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