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What will deodorant do to your body?

Deodorant is a fragrance skincare product which when applied on the underarms stick to the skin and make your underarms nice scented.

Unlike antiperspirant that stops sweating , deodorant works against the bacteria cells on the skin to prevent the odour produced when the bacteria are actively fermenting the sweat and producing odours that escape from sweaty armpits.

When we sudate, these bacteria digest the fats and proteins in our sweat.

What is distinguishes deodorant from body spray?

Body sprays have the short impact of covering up body odours, whereas anti-perspirant deodorants are developed to deal with their root cause. Sweat itself doesn’t smell however if it mixes with the bacteria on your skin, it can result to stinkiness.

What makes a deodorant different from perfumes?

Compared to perfumes, deodorants contain less of the essential oils responsible for the fragrance. It comes in different containers and forms such creams, aerosols, roll-on, sticks, soaps, wipes unlike perfumes that come only in bottles and sprays.For example, this Michael Kors Wonderlust sample comes in a bottle.

Deodorants are applied more frequently on a daily basis on the sweating parts of the body like underarm to prevent bacteria there from producing odours whereas perfume, which are usually more expensive than deodorants, are applied occasionally and on pressure points on the body like the wrist, region around the neck and just behind the ears.

Is it healthy to use deodorant?

Deodorants and antiperspirants are safe products to use however, if you have an allergic reaction to deodorant, it’s better to stop using it and recommended to see your doctor.

Can I use antiperspirant or deodorant?

Deodorant helps to protect against odor, while antiperspirant protects against sweat and odor.

Deodorant will facilitate keeping you fresh, while antiperspirant also facilitate the regulation of sweat, especially if you want to avoid underarm wetness. 

Can one apply deodorant and body spray?

Deodorant and body spray can help to prevent body odour, even though their efficiency may vary. You can apply both deodorant and body spray at the same time.

Is it unhealthy to use deodorant to bed?

No. However, note that deodorants and antiperspirants are most efficient on skin once the sweat ducts are less active and there is little moisture which is mostly in the evening.

Can you use deodorant body spray on armpits?

To use the deodorant, shake your deodorant well to ensure all the ingredients are well mixed together.

Then, hold the can a few inches from your armpit and spray each underarm with a layer of spray. 

How often should I apply the deodorant?

If you got a sensitive skin and suffer from regular underarm irritation, then an irregular application of the deodorant application will be best else, if you sweat al ot, apply your deodorant more often to build confidence.

How can you use deodorant properly?

Clean and dry your armpits completelyy.

Apply the deodorant or anti-perspirant so it evenly covers both armpits.

Wait for the deodorant or anti-perspirant is absolutely dry before dressing up.

What age should you start using deodorant?

There’s no specific age before you can begin to wear the deodorant.

There are now deodorants for some age categories like deodorants for teenagers.

What happens if you use excess deodorant?

If you wear excessive deodorant, it will eventually cause havoc. Just one or two swipes of the deodorant is adequate and not over enough.

What are the properties of the best deodorants?

It must be easy to use and non-toxic.
It must not destroy or disfigure your clothing.
It must stick well to the skin and prevent the production of odour due to bacterial activities.

What is the composition of a deodorant?

The ingredients used in deodorants are slightly different from brand to brand and this is largely responsible for the differences in their fragrance.

However,  the ratio of the mixture of the ingredients vary, these ingredients used and the  role each of  these component plays is stated below:

Antibacterial agents; chlorhexidine acetate, triclosan, bemzethonium chloride etc.

Frangrance: essential oils like citronella, lemon oil etc.

Geling agents;  Cetyl alcohol,  stearyl alcohol,  hydrogenated castor oil, sheabutter, glyceryl stearate,  talc,  starch etc. 


Special purpose additives like Calcium pantothenate to soothe skin if irritated and encourage healing of irritated skin.

What are the best brands of deodorants?

Premier Cool Deodorant, 

A Deodorant – The Visionary,

Aurelia London Botanical Cream Deodorant,

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant,

Degree Men Deodorant, 

Dove Deodorant Stick, 

Hello Fresh Citrus Deodorant With Shea butter,

N√©cessaire’s The Deodorant,

Old Spice High Endurance,

Secret Aluminium Free Deodorant For Women,

Schmidt’s Rose + Black Pepper  Aluminium Free Deodorant,

Native Natural Deodorant In Coconut & Vanilla,

Secret Clinical Strength,

Secret Outlast,
Suave deodorant ,

Tom’s of Maine’s Prebiotic Natural Deodorant, 

Underarmed Natural Aluminium Free Deodorant Stick.

Ursa Major Base Layer Deodorant For Women,

Vanicream Deodorant for sensitive skin,

Way of Will 01 Natural Deodorant Spray.

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