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What is known as cassava flour?

Cassava Flour-100% Natural & Cyanide Free!
Cassava flour is finished by grating and dehydrating the tough cassava root before milling into fine powder .
It is a very good alternative to wheat and other flours. It can be used in any formula that demands for wheat flour and it ensures that baking and cooking gluten-free meals stress-free. Cassava flour has very high level of carbohydrates.

What other name do we know cassava flour as?

Cassava flour can also be referred to as Polvilho. It is called Lafun by the Egbas.

Is cassava flour more healthy compared to white flour?

If you are more considerate of your weight, you can be sure that cassava is a perfect choice for the reason that it is characteristically subordinate in calories when compared to other flour selections. It is also rich in vitamin C, which serves as an antioxidant to aid relieve of stress, improve your immune system and can add to skin health.

Is cassava flour also tapioca flour?

Both products are similar as they are made from cassava root, but cassava flour combines the whole root, while tapioca flour is finished up with only the starchy part of the plant.
It’s possible to exchange cassava flour for tapioca, but the fiber content in the cassava flour gives such tapioca more solidifying power.

Can cassava flour serve as alternative for regular flour?

In contrast to other grain-free and gluten-free replacements, you can pretty much exchange cassava flour for all-purpose flour to accomplish a very good, occasionally even great, result in your baking . To explain better, you do not have to go through the worry of creating (or purchasing) a gluten-free flour combination.
Cassava flour is sometimes mixed with wheat in preparing the dough used in bread making.

Does cassava flour greatly increase blood sugar?

Yes. Like other sugar-rich food, you can experience a spike in your blood sugar after consuming cassava flour.
Cassava flour is very rich in carbohydrates. This brands it a cherished and trusted food source for a whole lot of people even as a staple food in some communities.
With regular or excess intake of cassava flour, you could experience a drastic increase in insulin release over a prolonged period which may lead to insulin resistance type of diabetes known as Type 2 diabetes. So if you are from descendants of sufferers of this type of diabetes, do not trust cassava for survival and regular intake in large amount , and if you do, it would be judicious to monitor your blood sugar level regularly .

What is the effect of eating cassava flour in excess?

Cassava that is prepared wrongly can have chemicals that are transformed to cyanide in the body. This may serve as the foundation for cyanide poisoning and lead to certain paralysis conditions. This is particularly true if consumed as part of a low-protein intake. In some people, eating cassava can lead to an allergic reaction.

How To Make Homemade Cassava Flour?


Steps for making fresh fufu from cassava

To make cassava flour at home may take up to 5 days right.
Use only matured cassava roots because of the high safety level. Do not use immature cassava roots to produce cassava flour. Immature cassava roots are notoriously toxic due to high chance of cyanide toxic levels the plant uses as a protection against itself against animals that may want to feed on it in its young stage.
Peel the cassava, rinse thoroughly in running water and cut into chunks. Rinse the chunks further and transfer into an empty plastic bowl.
Transfer clean tap water into the bowl until the clean tap water completely covers the cassava chunks. Cover with a lid and leave for 3 days. Change the water every day with fresh clean tap water. This will help to slow down the likely fermentation process, remove odour, unwanted chemical substances in the cassava and prevent the discolouring of the final product.
On the third day, the cassava chunks are now fully soft. Carefully remove the soft cassava chunks from the bowl and rinse in clean water to remove  any of the water used to soak and the smell.
Transfer the soft cassava chunks into a cloth sieve spread on a clean empty bowl and crush them into a white paste by squeezing them in between your hands.
Pour fresh water into the crushed paste and turn the paste as the water rinses the starchy part and some of the cassava fibres through the pores in the cloth sieve. Repeat the process to the last soft cassava chunk. Then remove the cloth sieve and the residue on it to reveal the mixture in the bowl.

Leave bowl undisturbed to settle for 2-3hrs.  Decant the  water above the white thick paste first before you transfer the thick paste below into the centre of a clean cloth sieve. Fold the cloth and squeeze the cloth sieve tightly to force out the water left in the cassava paste to unveil a very thick paste . This is the thick cassava paste traditionally boiled in water as wraps and pounded with pestle in a mortar to prepare it as Fufu.

To proceed ,air dry the thick paste for 2 days to completely remove the moisture left in it to make the final dry cassava flour .
Store in plastic containers. Cassava flour made from healthy matured roots that are properly soaked with water changed every day will give you the best finished product.
Cassava Flour that is properly dried stored in cool dry place can stay fresh for consumption for up to 6 months.

What’s the nutritional value of cassava flour ?

According to the USDA , 100 grams of Cassava flour contains the nutrient value stated in the chart below
Cassava Flour-100% Natural & Cyanide Free!

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Cassava Flour-100% Natural & Cyanide Free!
Cassava Flour-100% Natural & Cyanide Free!