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What are flavoured Cereal balls?

Flavoured cereal balls are little bombs of flavour that are full of muesli, raisins, honey and peanut butter.

They are excellent for snacks and so nutritious.

What are the ingredients for making flavoured cereal ball?

Some of the ingredients used for a flavoured Cereal ball are flours, wholegrain be it wheat, corn or rice; sugar, salt, emulsifier: lecithins (soya lecithin), flavourings, vitamins and minerals etc.

When should you eat cereal ball?

It’s advised or recommended to take a serving of your chosen flavoured cereal ball as breakfast and lunch. 

Can I take flavoured cereal balls at night?

Not all cereal balls are bad options at night, however, if you will be ingesting a high-sugar and low-fiber cereal ball, then you will be wreaking havoc with your glucose level.

There’s a possibility of awakening starvation a few hours later or in the morning as a result of the over-production of endocrine the sugar triggers.

Is it bad to have cereal balls daily?

If consumed too often, this can contribute to weight gain and health issues, as well as tooth decay and high blood pressure.

However, whether or not it’s puffed, baked or flaked, cereal will still be part of a healthy, balanced diet.

It is additionally vital that you eat breakfast often.

How do we serve cereal balls?

You can use a mat, put a napkin in your lap, and “enjoy” a correct meal.

To be more relaxed when taking the breakfast, eat your cereal right in front of the TV, or even in bed!

If you are very fragment for time, pour your flavoured cereal balls and milk into a travel mug.

What are the ingredients used for homemade Cereal balls?

The ingredients used for homemade Cereal balls are muesli, wheatgerm, honey, peanut butter, raisins, milk, desiccated coconut and lots more.

What are the recipe for making a homemade Cereal balls?

Place the muesli and raisins in a blender or a processing machine and grind them together for about 30 seconds.

Add the honey or sweetener and peanut butter and grind further for another 30 seconds.

Try rolling into a ball, just Incase it doesn’t form slowly add a tablespoon or two of milk till you are able to roll it it into a ball.

Roll in dessicated coconut. Keep in an airtight container.

What are the best brands of flavoured cereal balls?

Nestle Golden Nuggets,

Casino Chocolate Cereal Balls,

Enzo Honey Balls,

Golden Foods Circus Cereal Balls,

Molino Nicoli Cocoa Cereal Balls,

Nestle Milo Chocolate Ball Breakfast Cereal,

Dragon Nitrogen Puff Cereal Snack Cereal Puff Balls,

Post Dunkin’ Caramel Macchiato Cereal  Balls.

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