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What is oat crunch?

Oat Crunch is made from Multi Grain Cheerios with crispy toppings of whole grain oats and real cinnamon.

Oat Crunch is a part of the breakfast cereal  that is delivered in every delicious bite, having visible whole oats incorporated in it for added texture and a great crunch.

Are Oat Crunch healthy?

Oat crunch incorporates 9 vitamins and minerals, and it is an edible substance that is delivered in every delicious bite.

It  contains more than half of the recommended daily whole grain per serving, and is a great supply of fiber with 4.5 grams of total fat per serving.

What are oats crunch?

Oats crunch are made of oats as the first primary ingredient which are rich in nutrients like fiber and protein.

Is there glyphosate in oat crunch?

Glyphosate cannot be found in the list of ingredients used for making oats crunchor any food product.

Food Scientists are aware of its presence by testing foods for traces of herbicides and pesticides.

Are Cinnamon Oat Crunch good for you?

Cinnamon oats crunch are made of real cinnamon and sweetened whole grain oat cereal, which is just a sensational new way to enjoy oat crunch.

Cinnamon oats crunch is a delicious healthy option the whole family will love to take because it can help to reduce cholesterol whick makes it a healthy diet.

Are oats crunch fat free?

Oats crunch is made with whole grain of oats and it is without artificial flavours and colours. Oat crunch is naturally low in fat and free of cholesterol.

It is perfect for both the young and the old and those in between. The sugar content is minimal.

Are Oat Crunch gluten free?

Oat Crunch does not state whether it is Gluten Free or not on the box.

What’s the nutritional information on Oat Crunch?

According to the manufacturer and product information on the Oat Crunch pack, the nutritional information on Oat Crunch is as stated in the chart below


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