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What is the meaning of continental dish?

Continental food is a category of dishes popularly prepared and consumed in European countries such as Spain, France and Italy.

Continental dishes are typically low in spice but rich in food recipes with Olive oil, wine and vegetables.

Continental dishes are now prepared outside Europe and some countries now have variants of their own continental dishes.

What are the example of continental dishes?

Examples of the most popular Continental dishes with their accompaniments are:

Continental  Breakfast,

Filet mignon,

Roasted Chicken,

Chicken and spinach macaroni,


Jacket Potatoes with Stuffing,

Lobster Thermidor.

What is continental breakfast?

Continental Breakfast are typically the light breakfast of baked food pastries,fruit, jam, scrambled eggs and non-alcoholic beverages like coffee served as breakfast in a restaurant, diner, hotel etc.

How do you eat continental food?

This is known as the Continental Style of Eating food. The knife and fork are held at the same time. The knife is held in the right hand and fork in the left hand with the fork prongs ( tines) facing down.

The knife is used to cut smaller sizes and the fork tines spear the food and then lifted to the mouth. Both eating utensils must be placed back on the plate at the same time.

This style of eating is easy to practice and can be used in both formal and informal settings without any disruption or distraction to others.

Why is continental food called so?

Continental food got its popular name from the location of the European countries where such dishes are typically made and consumed.

These  Continental European countries are also known as Mainland Europe, part of Europe excluding the European Island countries  like United Kingdom, Iceland, Ireland and Cyprus.

How many countries are in continental cuisine?

Continental cuisines are now prepared in other countries outside continental Europe largely because of less palatable historical account of slavery, colonization and influence European settlers had on their dependencies before and after these countries became independent nations.

With globalisation and location of international hotels in most countries, continental cuisines appear to be the mainstream cuisine especially popular among international travellers.

Currently, continental  cuisines are found globally outside Mainand Europe and now prepared and consumed in United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australasia, Oceania, India, Latin America, Nigeria and North America.

What are continental dishes in Nigeria?

Scrambled Eggs. This is prepared with Olive oil with little or no spice but served with tuber vegetables like yam or potatoes.

Sometimes, it is served with French toast and typically prepared and consumed as breakfast.

Peri Peri Prawns: The Peri Peri sauce is native to African  countries South of the continent but when the sauce is prepared to be less spicy but rich in herbs and olive oil, it can be used as a marinade for prawns and then served for lunch.

The Olive oil is heated in a pan, then add the  fresh prawns and leave to cook for a few minutes. Add the peri peri sauce to the pan, cook for 3-5minutes and serve warm. You can have different variants of your Peri Peri sauce and can use it as marinade for chicken pieces, wings, goat meat chunks etc.

Others are BBQ cuisines like BBQ chicken, BBQ Guinea Fowl etc.

Some continental dishes in Nigeria are garnished with herbs and spices and served warm. Examples include
Roast Thyme and garlic chicken,
Sticky Chicken Wings,Jerk Chicken etc.

Other Nigerian cuisines that have been modified for continental dishes are Jollof rice, fried rice and few others.

How To Learn To Cook Continental Cuisines.

There are recipes of most of the continental dishes online but to become a professional chef, you need will need to be trained and certified.

What is the curriculum for continental cook?

The curriculum is for preparing technical workforce in the
field of continental cooking to enable the successful trainees get employment in the country and abroad,start their own continental restaurants or start their own continental dishes training school.

The technical skills incorporated in this curriculum come from the experts who have already
worked in field of continental cooking.

Its contents are organized in the form of modules.

The curriculum is made up of
both demonstration by trainers/instructors and opportunity by trainees to carry out the
skills/tasks necessary for this level of technical workforce.

Trainees get the opportunity to practice and learn
skills by using typical tools, materials and equipment necessary for this curricular program.

On successful completion of the training, the trainees will be able to prepare various continental dish items such as soups, Snacks, Appetizers, Salads, Continental dishes, Sauces,Breads, and Desserts.

What are the training modules in the curriculum for continental cook?

In training to become a continental cook, the training modules are


1. Appetizers

You will be trained to;

•Prepare deep fry prawn
• Prepare deep fry Mushroom
• Prepare devil on Horseback
• Prepare bacon wrapped prawn
• Prepare prawn cocktail

2. Soups

You will be trained to;

• To prepare consommé soup
• To prepare cream of tomato soup
• To prepare cream of mushroom soup
• To prepare leek and potato soup
• To prepare chicken soup
• To prepare cream of spinach soup
• To prepare mutton broth soup
• To prepare cream of vegetable soup
• To prepare clear soup
• To prepare potato soup
• To prepare French onion soup
• To prepare cream of chicken and mushroom soup
• To prepare cream of pumpkin with sherry
• To prepare prawn bisque soup
• To prepare vegetable soup
• To prepare asparagus soup
• To prepare cream of carrot soup
• To prepare potato celery soup

3. Salads:

You will be trained to;

• Prepare fresh of garden salad
• Prepare waldorf salad
• Prepare potato and Egg salad
• Prepare tomato Mozzarella salad
• Prepare Russian salad
• Prepare pasta salad
• Prepare chicken salad
• Prepare French bean salad
• Prepare tuna fish salad
• Prepare vegetable mix salad
• Prepare egg salad
• Prepare salad tri color
• Prepare ham rolled asparagus
• Prepare Hawaiian chicken salad
• Prepare prawn tail in dill mayonnaise

4. Main dishes:

You will be trained to;

• Prepare steak café de paris
•Prepare tournedos Rossini steak
• Prepare braised beef
•Prepare beef shashilk oriental
•Prepare grilled medallion beef
•Prepare garlic steak
•Prepare cheese Rum steak
•Prepare brandy steak with mushroom
•Prepare chateaubriand London house steak
•Prepare beef stroganoff
•Prepare grilled pork chop
•Prepare chicken sizzling
•Prepare chicken cordon bleu
•Prepare chicken supreme
•Prepare grilled chicken
•Prepare lemon grilled chicken
•Prepare grilled fish
•Prepare fried fish
•Prepare meet ball
•Prepare steam fish en papillote
•Prepare roast chicken
•Prepare bird’s nest
•Prepare Hungarian goulash
•Prepare roast duck
•Prepare roast lamb
•Prepare pepper steak
•Prepare chicken stroganoff
•Prepare chicken a la Kiev
•Prepare chicken a la king
•Prepare vegetable cutlet
•Prepare chicken cutlet
•Prepare chicken shasklik oriental
•Prepare stuff chicken breast
•Prepare fried chicken winglet
•Prepare pan fried fish ( local )
•Prepare parsley potato
•Prepare baked potato
•Prepare mashed potato
•Prepare pasta marinara
•Prepare vegetable and mushroom stroganoff
•Prepare sauté veg. in platter
•Prepare pasta in carbonara sauce
•Prepare cheese soufflé
•Prepare cheese fritters
•Prepare has brown potato
•Prepare chicken sizzler
•Prepare finger fish
•Prepare beef steak
•Prepare French fries
•Prepare fillet steak
•Prepare mushroom quiche
•Prepare golden fry Chicken
•Prepare chicken drum stick
•Prepare fish and chips
•Prepare chicken in basket

5. Sauces:

You will be trained to;

• Prepare tomato sauces
• Prepare mayonnaise sauces
• Prepare hollandaise sauces
• Prepare white sauces ( béchamel )
• Prepare espagonale sauces
• Prepare thousand island sauces
• Prepare tarter sauces
• Prepare mint sauces
• Prepare Italian sauces
• Prepare pepper sauces
• Prepare mushroom sauces
• Prepare white stock ( fish)
• Prepare brown stock ( beef , Mutton , chicken)
• Prepare vegetable stock
• Prepare carbonara sauces

6. Snacks:

You will be trained to;

• To prepare French fry
• To Prepare fry Papad
• To Prepare fry cashew nut
• To prepare cheese ball
• To prepare spicy fried chicken with mixed salad (Mushroom , prawn)
• To prepare fish finger
• To prepare chicken finger
• To prepare raffle potato cake (bara)
• To prepare veg. tempura
• To prepare stuffed chicken wing
• To prepare deep fry prawn
• To prepare becan wrapped prawn
• To prepare deep fry onion ring
• To prepare sesame prawn

7. Breads:

You will be trained to;

• Prepare classic club sandwich
• Prepare vegetable sandwich
• Prepare paneer sandwich
• Prepare toasted dark rye bread sandwich
• Prepare Spanish and Mushroom burger
• Prepare hot dog
• Prepare veg. burger
• Prepare cheese burger

8. Desserts:

You will be trained to;

• Prepare cream caramel
• Prepare chocolate mousse
• Prepare vanilla ice cream
• Prepare cold lemon soufflé
• Prepare fresh fruit salad
• Prepare apple pie
• Prepare rice pudding
• Prepare carrot pudding
• Prepare cookies
• Prepare rolls
• Prepare fruit pies

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