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What are diclofenac suppositories?

Diclofenac suppositories are medications are for insertion through non-oral orifices to relieve pain, inflammation, and joint stiffness caused by inflammatory disease.

Diclofenac suppository does not cure inflammatory disease, but helps to reduce the symptoms which will aid you do your normal daily activities.

Diclofenac suppository medication is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

How long will it take for diclofenac suppository to work?

Diclofenac suposiy takes about 20 to 30 minutes to work if you take it either as tablets or capsules. Diclofenac Suppositories may also take a few hours to work.

How long will it take for diclofenac suppository to dissolve?

Lie down for a few minutes after taking the drug so as the diclofenac suppository can dissolve. Avoid going to the toilet but you open your bowels for at least one hour after using the diclofenac suppository. The diclofenac suppository takes almost one hour to be utterly absorbed and to do its work.

How long after a diclofenac suppository can I poop?

Try to avoid going to the toilet for up to 60 minutes after inserting the diclofenac suppository, except it is a laxative. Not visiting the toilet after the medication gives the medication sufficient time to enter the bloodstream and begin operation.

Which is stronger between diclofenac suppository and tramadol?

Diclofenac suppository provides effective and higher physiological state in acute post operative pain than tramadol. Additionally, tramadol needs a lot of frequent administration than diclofenac suppository.

Is diclofenac Suppository a muscle relaxer?

It is taken to treat aches in the muscle, backaches, dental pain, catamenial cramps, and sports injuries.

It additionally reduces pain, swelling, and joint stiffness which is caused by inflammatory disease. Reducing the effect of these symptoms aid you to do more of your normal daily activities. 

Which is stronger between diclofenac Suppository and ibuprofen?

Diclofenac Suppository is taken into account to be more potent than ibuprofen and needs to be taken twice or thrice per day. Ibuprofen is usually needefto be taken in higher doses to treat pain from inflammatory disease.

Is diclofenac a painkiller?

Diclofenac suppository is take  to relieve pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joint caused by inflammatory disease. Reducing these symptoms helps you go about with your normal daily activities.

Is diclofenac unhealthy for the heart?

Researchers have discovered that diclofenac suppository is in relation with an increased risk of major cardiovascular occurrences just like heart attack and stroke and it is used around the globe to relieve pain.

Can I take a glass of wine when taking diclofenac suppository?

Do not take any alcohol when taking diclofenac suppository because it can increase your risk of stomach hurt which is caused by diclofenac. 

What is the side effect of diclofenac suppository?

The effects of diclofenac suppository are Rectal irritation or burning, abdominal discomfort/cramps, or little amounts of mucus secretion in the stool may occur. Does diclofenac make you sleepy?Diclofenac suppository can cause stomach upset, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, gas, headache, drowsiness, and dizziness. 

Can diclofenac suppository make you feel high?

It is impossible to get high off from taking diclofenac suppository or other NSAIDs. However,if you abuse the drug, it raises the severity of its side effects and likely to cause serious health consequences.

Is diclofenac suppository quick acting?
The quicker absorption of diclofenac from the three fast-acting formulations is predicted to result in a quicker onset of analgesic action.

Is diclofenac good for back pain?

Inflammation causes pain, and that’s why anti-inflammatory medicines just like diclofenac suppository, is often effective at reducing back pain through the active ingredients present there.

How to insert a diclofenac suppository

Follow these steps for guidance to insert the Diclofenac suppository :

Stage 1: Preparation stage

a. First, try to pass stool to empty the colon before insertion.

This is because rectal suppository is best effective when inserted rectally during period the bowel is empty and the anal region washed clean.

b. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water or/and use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Dry the washed hands thoroughly on a clean towel or paper towel. You may wear a new sterile disposable glove after sanitizing your hands.

c. Carefully,use a new razor blade to cut through the side length of the wrapper and then  peel off the wrapper of the suppository to unveil the suppository.If it is already opened before, please don’t use. 

 B. Suppository Insertion stage

To physically insert the suppository

a. Dip the tapered tip of the suppository in water, or apply a small amount of water-based lubricant, such as K-Y Jelly to lubricate the tip for easy entry as it helps the suppository slide more easily nto the rectum.

b.Remove your underwear  and lie down in the correct position; either lying down on one side with the top leg bent slightly toward the stomach or stand up with one foot on a chair. 

c. Insert the suppository

Relax the muscles of your buttocks and carefully use your other hand to open the cheeks then gently insert the suppository into the anus through the narrow tip first. Insert it in about 1 inch for adults, or half an inch for infants and about 3/4 inch for older children, depending on the child’s size.

d. Relax by sitting down or lie still for 10 minutes after inserting the suppository to allow time for the suppository to dissolve in the body. 

What I must do after inserting Diclofenac Suppository?

Please note these:

Parents may need to hold a child’s buttocks closed during this time.
Clean up and discard all materials, including the suppository wrapper, tissue paper, gloves.Wash the hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.

Try to avoid passing stool for up to 60 minutes after inserting the suppository, unless it is a laxative.

Not passing stool gives the medication enough time to enter the bloodstream, carried to the specific region it’s meant to elicit an effect and then starts working in the body.

What are the innovator brand for diclofenac suppository?

Voltaren originally by Ceiba-Geigy 

Voltarol by Novartis

Cataflam ( Potassium Diclofenac) by Ceiba-Geigy. 

What are the most popular generic brands of diclofenac suppository?

Lofnac Suppository,

Diclotaj diclofenac suppository,

Diclogam diclofenac suppository,

Just In Diclofenac anal suppositories,

Diclo=AS diclofenac suppository,

Dr. Muller Pharma Diclofenac suppository.

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