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What is a Messaging App?

Messaging apps,also called “chat” or “social’ applications, are desktop and mobile applications and platforms that allow people to exchange instant messaging(IM) with one another .

Most messaging apps start as just IM apps but with growing adoption and dependence on them by their users, they soon develop features that enable them to carry out other functions apart from IM that go over the top of the mobile network connected through sim cards like O2 Pay As You Go Sim in order to connect to the internet.

Now there are many messaging apps that are now large and developed enough for real time payments, status updates, E- commerce platform, phone and video calls etc.

Messaging apps are now so big that they have their own servers from where a central network is hosted. Some telecom networks now have data plans on Sims that make it possible for users to use the social media for long period at almost negligible charges. For example, Voxi sim only deals.

In recent times, there are now numerous messaging apps. While some have a very broad global spread, some are popular in some countries or regions of the world and you can rate how popular they are based on the number of downloads of some of them from app stores.

Messaging apps are the most widely used mobile apps since the advent of smartphones.

What Are The Top Messaging Apps?

It is reported that with in 2018 alone, there were over 1.3 billion monthly users of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, 980 million monthly active users of WeChat and 843 million monthly active users of QQ Mobile.





Facebook  Messenger.

Others include

QQ Messenger,




 Facebook Messenger

How does a messaging app work?

Ability to send and receive Instant Messaging is the basic feature of all messaging apps. It operates largely through a user’s connection to the internet , and even when they send instant messages to one another, it’s messages travel over the internet connectivity to be delivered to another or multiple other end users, usually encrypted end to end so the message is secured from end to end.

When the device having the IM app go offline, messages sent to it are not delivered until when the receiver goes back online.

All the messaging apps have a freemium version although some now have capabilities for in app purchases for users who want extra features exclusive to the premium version.

For example, most of the video messaging apps now have paid versions.

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