Entire collection of 19 Adobe Illustrator plugins

This entire collection of 19 Adobe Illustrator plugins pay for themselves just after 3 days!

In spring 2020, Astute Graphics conducted a survey to both customers who subscribed and non-customers.

The findings regarding time-saving were massive. Here are the key findings as a snapshot: 

  • With Astute Graphics, youcan save yourself more than $8,500 USDbased on averageseach year.
  • At $100 per hour*, you’ve saved yourself $58. Every day. At the start of the 3rd day, you’ve paid off the $119 initial year subscription.
  • The average (mean value) time saving = 35 minutes per customer per day.

7 day money back guarantee.

$119 /year
+ VAT where applicable

  • Entire collection of 19 Adobe Illustrator plugins
  • 1 year of updates including new plugins
  • Technical and customer support
  • Hundreds of video and blog tutorials
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Illustrator CC17.1 – Illustrator 2020 compatible
  • macOS and Windows compatible
  • Works with stylus devices such as XP-Pen, MS Surface, iPad Sidecar and Wacom
  • Seamless Adobe Illustrator integration
  • Texture and brush pack freebiesScreenshot 20200731 065619