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What is an extra-luxury soap?

An extra luxury soap is a handmade soap produced by the proper combinations of natural ingredients.

These natural ingredients are essentially only those natural products that enhance and maintain the health and beauty of the skin. They include natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals etc 

What are the purpose of the extra Luxury soap?

An Extra-Luxury Soap can be formed from the fine extracted oils and nourishing Raw Shea Butter known for its amazing skin healing properties and employed in cosmetics as an effective  skin moisturizer that can delay aging and minimize stretch marks or completely prevent appearance of stretch marks on your skin.

Extra Luxury soap gently cleanses, soothes and nourishes the skin with natural vitamins. Extra Luxury soap with Native Honey gives the skin a natural glow & healthy look. Extra Luxury soap with Aloe vera makes the skin look younger and feel suppler.

Does extra luxury soap contain harsh compounds?

An extra luxury soaps do not contain harsh chemicals and synthetic compounds. Homemade extra luxury soaps provide the delicate care that your skin deserves through the presence of the natural ingredients added.

What is the difference between conventional soap and an extra luxury soap?

Conventional soaps, which are made by mixing fat or oil with an alkali such as lye, can be hostile to the skin by changing the skin pH, obliterating healthy bacteria, and stripping away vital skin oils unlike the extra Luxury soap which is formulated by balancing the combinations of  natural ingredients.

Why should I buy an extra Luxury handmade soap?

Although handmade extra luxury soaps are getting more and more known day by day, there is still a considerable fraction of consumers that are not certain of the advantages attached to the handmade extra luxury soap.

If you are yet to discover the wonders of using the handmade extra luxury soaps, this post on extra luxury soap provides answers and clears any doubt once and for all.

Handmade extra Luxury soaps are made with all-natural ingredients. Handmade luxury soaps are carefully crafted into individual pieces and are not made in bulk in the factories.

They are made using the right compositions of natural ingredients and not from cheap chemical imitations that may cause harm to the skin. Quality is the priority and not quantity.

Handmade extra Luxury soaps are a healthier choice.

Why is an handmade extra luxury soap hand made?

The major problem with soaps made by large companies is that, they are made by the thousands inside factories. Mass production always compromise the quality of the product. But handmade luxury soaps are different.

However, extra luxury soaps are made by hand, with carefully hand-picked ingredients. Every component of these soaps are produced and splitted according to a specific need and purpose.

Do extra luxury soap contain humectants?

Extra Luxury soap contain the humectants that helps to facilitate moisture in the skin, making it more supple and look youthful.

What is the essence of the natural ingredients in the handmade extra Luxury soap?

The natural ingredients found in luxury soaps help in the cleansing of the skin and helps to enhance moisture in the skin without leaving it rough and dry.

Handmade luxury soaps in recent days are now being infused with vitamins and minerals that aids to protect the skin from the elements as well as from harmful free radicals.

What are the ingredients needed to make luxury soap at home?

Olive Oil, coconut Oil, Combination of Sweet Almond Oil and Grape Seed Oil, distilled Water, Lye, ground, Old Fashioned Dry Oats, honey, Dry Milk etc.

Do handmade extra luxury soap enrich the skin?

Handmade luxury soaps which are infused with vitamins and minerals helps to protect the skin from harmful free radicals and also enrich the skin.

Are extra Luxury handmade soap good for the skin?

Extra Luxury soap has a rich lather and a sweet, herbal scent that’s perfectly suited for your body. Extra luxurious handmade soap often contain a trio of all-natural oils which are the coconut oil, olive oil, and sustainable palm oil—that cleanse, moisturize, and revive dull, tired skin.

Homemade luxury soaps provide the delicate care that your skin deserves.

Are all varieties of soap good for the human body?

Although there are many different kinds of soaps available in the market today, not all are completely safe for use. In recent studies, it was revealed that 70% of soap brands found in the shelves todah are not really soaps but rather detergents.

Detergents are usually made with harsh chemicals like petroleum, which will leave the skin dry and tight. Use of petroleum-based products on a daily basis can sometimes lead to irritation of the skin and other dermatological problems.

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy a good bath without putting your self into possible skin problems.

Preferably, if you can, buy handmade luxury soap Instead of buying the usual soap brands ubiquitous in  stores. The availability of homemade luxury soap in the market provides a breath of fresh air.

What are handmade extra luxury soap made with?

Handmade extra luxury soaps are made with a balanced compositions of natural ingredients that are healthy for the skin including moisturizers, natural extracts and essential oils.

Extra luxury soaps also contain humectants and cleansing agents which are crucial in making sure the skin maintains an ideal pH balance.

What are the best brands of Extra Luxury Soaps ?

 Needz Extra-Luxury Soap With Aloe,

L’Occitane Extra-Gentle Vegetable-Based Soap,

Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar Massaging Soap,

Herbivore Pink Clay Gentle Soap Bar,

Apotheke Magnolia Bouquet Bar Soap,

34 Soap by Diptyque,

Tom Ford Oud Wood Soap,

Kappus Soap Sandalwood Luxury Soap,

Orchard and vine luxury large bar soap,

Giorno Bagno Luxury Bar Soap.

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