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What is a panty liner?

A panty liner is a reusable or disposable thin material with absorbent pad which is placed in the gusset of underwear worn next to the surface of the vaginal to absorb sweat in between the legs, vaginal discharge or light menstrual flow(menstrual flow that lasts for a duration less than usual for the person).

Panty liners are worn by females to prevent vaginal discharge stains, keep underwear unstained and smell fresh as most panty liners now come with nice fragrances.

How To Identify Panty liner.

You need to be able to identify the difference between the disposable panty liners and the disposable ones.

Reusable panty liners are made from washable clothes and they  usually come as washable cloths and they, in place of the adhesive found in the disposable ones, have wings wrap around which when worn snap together at the ends to keep it stable.

Reusable panty liners come in different materials, colors, designs, sizes and absorbencies.

For disposable panty liners, they have a sticky surface to adhere their surface to the underwear in order to keep them in place.

Some disposable panty liners come with wing designs that enable them wrap around the underwear, giving extra stability along with the adhesive.

Panty liners vary in sizes, while some have sizes for normal size gusset of female underwears, some are portable enough and designed to fit into G-strings.

Although panty liners are not as thick as menstruation pads, some panty liners are big and effective to absorb and prevent the staining of underwear by heavy vaginal discharge.

What is the difference between sanitary pads and panty liners?

Sanitary pads are thicker, more absorbent and specifically designed to absorb menstrual flow from the breakdown of the uterine lining shed mostly as blood during menstruation.

Are all Vaginal Discharge Dangerous?

No. In the actual sense, vaginal discharge and light menstrual flow are  common and completely natural phenomenon in women.

For examples, vaginal discharge occur to keep the vagina lubricated, sign of ovulation, arousal, sweating in between the legs which can have causes that are not due to underlying disease but normal circumstances like warm temperatures, exercise, stress, consumption of  spicy food menopause, hormone levels changes, low blood sugar, diabetes with night sweats, or nocturnal hyperhidrosis, caused by low blood sugar during the night.

Wearing a panty liner can be helpful for keeping underwear dry and free from stains. For young adults experiencing puberty,panty liners are very handy for use to help them as spotting and unanticipated periods is frequent in this female category.

So when women use panty liners to keep their underwear dry and free from stains, it is not in all cases used to prevent offensive discharge caused by poor hygiene or vaginal infections.

For most women, panty liners are worn to prevent the staining of their underwear by the vaginal discharge.

The wearing of the panty liners therefore help the wearer maintain a dry, fresh, nice smelling and clean comfort throughout the day.

How many times should panty liners be changed?

Panty liners when used, should be changed every three to four hours or immeduately replaced with another one once you notice that it has become excessively moist.

This will help reduce the chances of infection.

Avoid wearing panty liners to sleep at night.

What are panty liners for?

Panty liners are actually thin versions of sanitary pads used by women to prevent stains and keep underwear clean.

Panty liner is worn to absorb light or heavy vaginal discharge, unexpected light period flow, light spotting, staining at the beginning and ends of periods,ovulation discharge and post-intercourse discharge and prevent the staining of underwear.

Tampons, pads, and menstrual cups can be used with panty liners for extra effect of vaginal discharge absorption. 

What are the Benefits of panty liners?

Panty liners provide a stain-free and dry underwear as it absorbs small urine leaks(including incontinence in adults), vaginal discharge, and unexpected periods. 

Panty liners help keep moisture and sweating in between the legs away thereby keeping in between the legs dry and comfortable.

Panty liners are preferred by most women for use in the final days of their menstruation when the heavy flow had ceased and followed by light bleeding which can be sufficiently absorbed by a panty liner.

Panty liners is good for absorbing light postpartum flow, which occurs  in few weeks or sometimes months after childbirth(post partum).

How can I use the panty liner?

The reusable panty liner has wings around it which is snapped at the ends when in use.

For the disposable panty liners; first remove the covering on the adhesive surface on the bottom surface. 

Set the panty liner above the curves of your pant around the gusset.

Carefully place down the panty liner on the pant then stick the adhesive surface of the panty liner to the surface of the underwear such that the absorbent surface faces up and when worn will directly be below the vagina and positioned to absorb discharges.

Can Panty liners cause UTI?

When you change your panty liners regularly, the chance the urinary tract infectious agents will grow in great numbers to cause UTI is reduced.

So if you use panty liners,ensure you  change the pad frequently because the bacteria that collects on the pad could fester and give you UTI.

Do not wear the panty liner to bed and don’t wear tight clothing around the groin for too long so to keep the groin well aerated and dry.

Are there  deodorant panty liners?

Yes.They are highly regarded because apart from doing the work of a normal panty liner to absorb vagina discharge and keep the underwear dry, fresh and clean, it also keeps the underwear smelling well.

Deodorant panty liners are equally safe for use and once you experience a discomfort or itching around your vagina while using the deodorant panty liner, it could be a sign that you don’t tolerate deodorant panty liners and you may consider shifting to the use of non-deodorant organic cotton products instead.

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