Feminine Wipes That Clean,Protect & Deodorize

What’s feminine wipes?

Feminine wipes are stain removing cloths used to clean the vaginal area. It is used during menstruation or for daily use to protect oneself from infection.

What are the uses of feminine wipes?

Feminine wipes are mainly used for cleansing vaginal area to prevent vaginal infection.In some instances, they can be used for personal hygiene during menstruation.

Is there side effect of feminine wash with water and soap?

Yes. When you wash the vulva with water and soap, it may cause the skin surface of the vulva to become dry and worsen itching.

Use of substitutes to soap like feminine wipes will soothe,protect , deodorize and prevent the skin of your vulva from being dry, itchy and irritated

How does skin affect the use of Feminine wipes?

For super tender skin, use of vaginal cleansing wipes may wreak havoc.
If you are prone to vaginal infections, it may be best to do away with wipes altogether, particularly scented ones.

A doctor once said that “some feminine wipes claim to be pH balancing, but there are exceptions in some cases”.
So use of vaginal cleansing wipes is tolerable in most people, not in all people, especially those with tender skin.

How safe are feminine wipes?

Very safe. However, research cautions against vigorous and overuse of wipes because prolonged frequent use can disrupt the vagina’s natural level of acidity or alkalinity.

This applies to use of body washes and soaps that have the wrong pH and contains harsh ingredients like sulfates, glycerin, and parabens which can help cause yeast infections or irritation.

What is the proper way to wipe down there?

You can wash the external area with warm water in a backward direction.
Mild, unscented soap, depending on individual’s choice, can be used too. At a later time, rinse the vulva with clean water and then pat the area dry with wipes or dry toilet rolls. You can get as much as 48 toilet rolls for free 3 weeks after you complete the who gives a crap free trial .

Are feminine wipes OK to use?

Feminine wipes are not bad or potentially dangerous. If rightly used, they can be as safe as possible for vaginal health.

Naturally, your vagina is perfectly capable of cleaning itself, so there shouldn’t be a frequent need for using wipes, washes, or any other products.

How do you make feminine wipes?

To make a homemade personal wipes, you will need the following
2 Cups distilled water.
1 TBL Head to Toe Baby Wash
1 TBL Almond Oil 1 TBL Fractionated Coconut Oil.
1 TBL Witch Hazel.
5 Drops of Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Essential Oil)
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil.
1 Airtight Canister or Plastic Container.
1 roll of Viva Brand Paper Towels.

Can feminine wipes cause vaginal infection?

No.Vaginal infections are caused by pathogenic microorganisms and feminine wipes are not infectious agent. Actually, feminine wipes contain ingredients that are gentle on the natural microflora of the vagina.

However, it may not be a substitute to good vagina hygiene cannot a treatment for already infected vulva.

For example, bacterial vaginosis, the most wide spread vaginal infection has been reported in almost one-third of women of reproductive age in the United States. Use of vaginal cleansing wipes can not be used as a treatment solution for bacterial vaginosis and it is not an alternative to maintaining good personal hygiene.

Use of is vagina sprays, soaps, and wipes will not treat bacterial vaginosis. Get treated if you currently have vaginal infections.

What is the difference between feminine wipes and baby wipes?

Yes, baby wipes and feminine wipes are fundamentally the same product. Marketing terms triggered the difference between them.

Also, baby wipes are thicker and larger than feminine wipes sometimes. There are no official FDA guidelines that check and balance the ingredients used in feminine wipes or baby wipes.

Can feminine wipes cause yeast infections?

No. Urinary tract infections are caused by pathogenic yeasts in the vagina.
But if you use vaginal cleansing wipes inappropriately, it may increase the chances of having a urinary tract infection.

Those who use lubricants or moisturizers to cleanse their vagina have 11/4 chance to have a yeast infection.

Medical Research has it that disruption of vaginal microbial systems is linked with health problems.

Are baby wipes better than feminine wipes?

Affirmatively, yes! If it helps you feel more clean and fresh, that is definitely nice. There are also wipes made for women, mostly referred to as feminine hygiene wipes but there’s no crime in using baby wipes.

So do not be troubled, it is safe to use baby or wet wipes when you’re on your period.

Do I Need To Use A Feminine Wipe?

Yes, especially if you want to keep your vagina clean when you don’t have the opportunity to use water for cleaning.

Feminine wipes can truly be useful for keeping the vulva clean and fresh, but it’s important to choose one with gentle, safe ingredients.

Can you use feminine wipes during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, there is a normal increase in vaginal discharge,acting as a natural defense against infections that may want to spread up into the uterus from the vagina.

While proper hygiene is helpful, use if feminine wipes can help to clean away the discharge and keep the pant unstained by the discharge.

Can feminine wipes prevent odour?

Yes. When you sweat in between the legs and if you do not wash the sweat away with water  or wipe clean with feminine wipes, the sweat may soon soak up the vagina region and your underwear then start oozing the unpleasant kind of odour caused by sweat soaked up in between your legs.

Use of feminine wipes can therefore prevent this kind of odour as it cleans away the sweat before it soaks up and start smelling bad.

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