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What are potato Sticks?

Potato Sticks snack is a type of snack made from real potato and some other ingredients and it is known for its distinct shape, classic potato favour and its crunchiness.

A different cooking process or method makes the potato Sticks to be distinguishly have a crispy texture and crunchy taste.

How are potato sticks made?

πŸ“ Peel a boiled potato and smash it well

πŸ“ Add cheddar to the smashed potato and mix.

πŸ“ Then add pepper, salt, cornstarch and parsley. Mix well to create evenly mixed ingredients in the batter.

πŸ“ Place the batter on a board and roll with a rolling pin and cut to a desired lengthΒ 

πŸ“ Fry the potato sticks in a hot cooking oil till it is almost brown.

πŸ“ Let it cool down. Then, enjoy!!!

Are Potato Sticks healthy?

Potato Sticks are completelyy made of a real potato and rice and thus, they are a healthy snack or food because it has 50% less fat than a regular potato chips.

Do they still make potato sticks?

Yes, potato Sticks are no longer sold in retail stores but are still being manufactured for some distributors.

Potato Sticks are currently available on Amazon.

Do potato sticks have gluten?

Most potato Sticks brand that are without added flavorings are gluten-free but not all brands of potato Sticks are gluten-free.

What are the side effects of excess potato Sticks?

πŸ“ Potato Sticks can cause one’s blood pressure sugar to rise.

πŸ“ One could develop cancer if the burnt one is consumed

πŸ“ It can increase one’s risks of heart disease.

πŸ“ Potato Sticks can increase one’s chances of stroke.

πŸ“ There’s also risk of infertility when one consumes the potato sricks

What is the nutritional value of Potato Sticks ?

According to the USDA, 100 grams ofΒ  Potato SticksΒ  contains the nutrient value stated in the chart below

What are the best brands of Potato Sticks ?

Pomsticks Potato Sticks ,

French’s Original Potato Sticks,

Ballreich Potato Sticks, 

Better Made Special Potato Sticks ,

Pik-Nik Original Shoestring Potato Sticks,

Kolson Potato Sticks, 

Meijer Basics Potato Sticks Original, 

Kitco Stix Potato Sticks, 
M&S Ready Salted Potato Sticks, 

Japanese Norisho Potato Sticks With Salt & Seaweed ,

Jones’ Original Potato Stix , 

Pams Ready Salted Potato Sticks,

Snips salted Potato Sticks, 
Stix Hot and Spicy Potato Sticks, 

Utz Original Potato Stix,

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