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What is Akara Chips?

Free Akara Chips For You!
Akara chips , which is also referred to as bean chips, is a kind of snacks that is prepared with beans flour as the main ingredient, mixed with cassava flour and other ingredients .
Akara chips is rich in nutrients that are beneficial to both kids and adults. It has an indigenous home made taste, contains no sugar, but has Vitamin A and high protein content.

What are the ingredients used in making Akara chips?

The following ingredients can be used to make Akara chips.
1 cup ground brown Beans Paste
1 Egg
6 pieces Croaker Fish Fillet
¼ teaspoon dry Chili Pepper
¼ teaspoon Black Pepper
¼ teaspoon dry Ginger powder
Seasoning cube to taste
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

How do you make Akara chips?

To make Akara chips, you can make use of the method below.
1. Rinse and remove the coat of the beans. Blend with addition of little water so as have a very thick paste. To get a thick blended paste, you can start from soaking the beans just long enough to remove the coat.
2. Cut and arrange the fish, and make fillet out of the fish. Make it into desired size. It is advised to make use of shop bought fish fillet. You can also use seasoned fish with ginger powder, salt, black pepper, chili pepper and others. It is advised to add a bit of seasoning cubes so as to avoid just having a flat taste. Leave the fish for 15 minutes to marinade .
3. Mix the egg well and put them into the bean paste. You can also put black pepper, and salt and whisk to incorporate air just like you will do for Akara
4. Put the fish deeply into the Akara paste, ensure it is well covered and fry it deeply on medium heat so that the fish will be cooked well whilst the Akara comes out crispy and brown.
5. You can serve with oven baked or fried potato chips some vegetables and pepper sauce or ketchup.

What other method can be used to prepare Akara chips?

It has been observed that without taking with the traditional partner, pap, this delicious and healthy breakfast seems to be too hard on the throat. Some other people make complains of having heartburn when they eat it without pap.
To take care of this, we have to implore a new method of making this dish in a way that it combines small chips of this delicacy with good amounts of veggies which makes it more nutritious and at the same time, can be eaten well without any side effect.
To prepare the akara chips, make your akara paste the usual way but when frying, do so with a non-stick pan and do not mold.
Put into hot oil little at a time and deep fry. You may also mix with any veggies and remember to enjoy it.

How to enjoy Akara Chips ? 

You can enjoy snacking on Akara chips.
Akara chips can be taken with most breakfast cereal like custard.
Also, akara chips go well with some foods such as  garri,  bread and puddings when you have appetite for a light meal .
You can try it as substitute for foods taken along with beans and bean cakes in the absence of bean meals.

What other benefit do we get from Akara chips?

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, this new approach also ensures those that are advice to be on low carbohydrate diet to enjoy what they will like to eat without going against their diet plans.

What are the best brands of Akara Chips?

JDP Global Foods Akara Chips
Cecy’s Akara Chips,
Loladex Confectioneries Akara Chips,
Ore Ofe Akara Chips,
Redeemers Akara Chips,
Yetty’s Akara chips.

What is JDP Global Foods Akara Chips ?

Free Akara Chips For You!
JDP Global Foods Akara Chips
This brand of Akara chips is very tasty and crunchy . 
Each Akara chip is made from well picked and cleaned beans and fried with a food technology process that locks the nutrients in the finshed Akara chips before it is hygienically packed . 
JDP Global Foods Akara Chips taste delicious and rich in proteins .

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Free Akara Chips For You!
Free Akara Chips For You!