Free Business One-page Website

What is a Website?

website is a collection of web pages and related contents that is recognized by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.

All the websites that can be accessed online by everyone makes up the world wide web (www). Websites that can only be accessed by only authorized members of an organization are known as private websites.

This kind of websites are usually available on private networks like company internal websites for members of its workforce.

Why Do You Need A Website?

Websites are created to achieve  certain objective that forms the basis of its website design. This purpose or topic can range from sports, religion, to commerce and entertainment. A website like is dedicated to promoting freebies for users of the website.

To guide you through website pages of a website you are visiting, there are hyperlinks that begin from the website and link all the other webpages on a website.

Are Websites Secured?

Websites with low level of security have the http before their domain names while websites with a higher level of security have https showing before their website. A website like have a higher level of security.

How To Access Websites

Visitors to a website can access the website from a device such as laptop, smartphones etc that is connected to the internet using a software web application called a web browser.

Examples of Internet Browsers

There are many browsers out there with the popular ones being Google Chrome, Opera and many others you can search and download from most mobile application stores.

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