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What is an online payment ecosystem?

The online payments ecosystem is formed by a mixture of players that move with one another throughout the payment dealings process:

Issuers and acquirers,

Mastercard/Visa networks,

Payment processors,

Payment gateways,

Freelance sales organizations and value-added resellers, and

Payment facilitators.

What does it mean by online payment?

Online payment refers to cash that is changed electronically.

Typically, this involves use of PC or mobile phone networks, the web and digital stored value systems.

After you collect a payment over the web, you are accepting a payment online.

How does online payment system work?

When a client clicks on the “Pay” button on your website, these are the key players concerned in the payment process.

The issuing bank is the customer’s bank that issues the cardholder’s credit or debit card on behalf of the card schemes (Visa, Mastercard).

What are the various modes of online payment?

The various ways of online payment are through credit/debit card payments, prepaid card payments, bank transfers, E-wallets, cash, mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, ecommerce payment gateway, etc.

What is the aim of online payment?

The use of e-payments nullifies the employment of drafting checks, transmitting money and invoices for both businesses and customers.

What are the features of online payment ecosystem?

The basic features of an online payment ecosystem is that it eases payment collections with or without a website via multiple channels to invoicing, managing multiple businesses, chase and reports, logistics support, made-to-order business integration, etc

This permits for quicker execution of transactions.

Why is online payment vital?

One of the most vital advantages of accepting payments online is that it doesn’t require your company to own a bank account for those transactions.

Receiving payments outside the standard inbanking system has many blessings,with which one is it prevents filling out needless paperwork.

Do online payments go through immediately?

If you make a payment on a bill and you transfer money from another account to do it, expect a brief delay.

If the transfer is with the same banking institute, the payment can appear within minutes online. If you’re employing a separate bank or account, it might take days to complete in worse case scenario.

Is online payment safe?

Online bill payment is safe once you select the correct bill payment service.

Typically, an online bill payment service that is backed by a bank or a corporation that has online banking services are safe and reliable. 

How long does it take for an online payment to process?

Typically, an online payment can take from 24 hours to three days to process the bill payment.

The reason for this duration is because the transaction process goes through variety of processes to get from one bank account to another.

What’s the advantage of the online payment ecosystem?

The online payment ecosystem helps to create and sustain a payment scheme that helps commerce evolve, businesses grow and people thrive, the platform was recently upgraded to cater for all types of businesses, be it small businesses, large corporates and people.

What is a quick teller business?

Quickteller Business is a lot of intuitive and sturdy platform, providing seamless payment solutions to businesses and their customers, regardless of their sizes.

What are the features of the Quickteller Business Platform?

  • Storefronts – Quickteller Business comes with a mini, customizable, e-commerce store that allows business owners generate unique storefronts links, create and list their products, manage product inventory, collect payments, manage orders and manage shipments.
  • Detailed Transaction Reporting – Quickteller Business will help businesses have access to detailed reports of their transactions across all collection channels – Web, POS, QR, USSD.
  • Dispute Management – With Quickteller Business, businesses of all types and sizes can manage their transaction disputes and chargebacks. Use Quickteller Business and forget about any payment dispute.
  • Refunds – Where required, businesses can seamlessly initiate partial or full refunds from the transaction details page.
  • Payment Links & Subscriptions – Businesses can now accept payments without a website by sending a payment link to their customers to sell physical and digital products on social media
  • e-Billing and Invoicing – Quickteller Business enables businesses to accept payments via Invoices by simply sending an automated but customized invoice to their clients and customers. This also helps the businesses track their sales.
  • Tokenization – On request, businesses can opt to enable the ability to tokenize payment cards to speed up the time it takes for their customers to check out on their websites
  • Multiple Integration Plans – Quickteller Business is customizable and offers multiple integration plans for web and mobile SDKs. Explore Pop Up, Page Redirect and Inline for web developers as well as iOS and Android for Mobile integration options.
  • Fraud Management – Quickteller Business is built using world-standard fraud management solutions that help mitigate fraudulent transactions.
  • Split Settlements – With Split Settlement, businesses can instruct Quickteller Business on how transactions should be settled into predefined bank accounts.
  • Developers (Sandbox) – Quickteller Business has enabled developers to explore the features of the platform in trial before they are activated for real transactions.

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