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Who is the author of “Tears Of A Hungery Nigerian entrepreneur?

The name of the author is Seun Akisanmi.

What publisher published the book?

Elopublishing Enterprises published the book, “Tears of a Hungry Nigerian Entrepreneur”.

What is the reason for the book?

The reason for the book is to help the readers get an insight into a segment of what Nigerian entrepreneur are generally facing before the desired pinnacle of success could be reached.

From what angle was the book written?

The book was documented as a result of some lessons learnt and experiences gained as a son, father, student, Business owner, Christian and from the angle of being a Nigerian.

What’s the meant to be the outcome of the readers after reading?

The book will be like a source of motivation in that, even if everything seem like a tall order, you will only shed tears the joy, make your journey a more purposeful and more bearable as a result of the mental encounters shared in the book.

Who is Seun Akisanmi?

Seun Akisanmi is known to be an educator and a good teacher who had no mind of evil.

More About Seun Akisanmi?

Seun Akisanmi is a talented, creative teacher and educator with an unusual business mindset.

His passion for photography was ignited after his mother got him a Christmas present in 1998: a Samsung camera.

After many years as a hobbyist, he ventured fully into a career of professional photography in 2006 when he founded eloPhotos Studios, an outfit that delivers world-class photography services. Since then, he has covered numerous events and projects, one of which included the photography coverage of Transcorp Hilton Hotel, (Abuja, Nigeria) for their 2009 calendar.

His unique selling point is his gentle and calm personality and the ability to add a touch of creativity while capturing every moment of an occassion. 

In 2007, he began attracting a number of people some of which included photographers that had been in the industry for a while. They wanted to get the same results that he was getting in the management of his photography business. Subsequently, he began quarterly seminars where photographers gathered to discuss their challenges and were educated on the art & business of photography. 

A former photography facilitator in Daystar Skill Acquisition project (Dsap), he received his Bsc in Business Administration from southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois, U.S.A. 

As the founder of eloPhotos Academy and convener of Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference (NiPHEC), he has been privileged to help build the foundational photography careers of over 1000 Africans. 

Married to a beautiful angel with 2 princesses as fruits of the union, he currently resides in Ogun State (Nigeria) with 1 imaginary BMW 750i while nurturing the vision of being given the privilege to one day give our Lord JESUS CHRIST a photo session.

Details of the book “Tears of A Hungry Nigerian Entrepreneur”

ISBN: 9789789610464ISBN-10: 9789610467

Publisher: Elospublishing Enterprises

Date of release : January 28th, 2018

Pages: 290

Language: English.

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