Hi People,

So I have been working from home since the pandemic began. The truth is, I now have so much time in my hands and I am asking, how best can I use this time to the benefit of myself and others – teenagers especially.

Thus, I have searched through how I can be of help to as many people out there who have a bit of time spending learning new things as well. So this are the few things I know I can do to help you.

1. I can teach you how to use MS. Excel, MS. Word and MS. Powerpoint; Been using these tools for over 15 years
2. I can help review your C.Vs and Cover Letters; Atleast, I get called for interviews every now and then – I must be doing something right
3. I can teach you Economics, Accounting and any other commerce subjects; I am a graduate of Economics and a Chartered Accountant
4. I can teach you how to make financial models on Excel; I work in a Big4
5. I know a bit of Excel Macros and VBA – I don’t know much but I can teach you the little I know.
6. I know a bit of SQL – I don’t know much but I am better than a beginner.
7. I can give you career advise.

So how may I help you?

I think I want to start with MS. Excel. I don’t much know but I know that if you know the little I know, you’ll go far.

I have created a whatsapp group, there we can talk about the modalities. If you are interested in knowing a little bit more, please hit the link below to join the group.

Please note I am doing this for FREE as long as I am still working form home.

Thank you.