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What is a Blind?

A blind is a type of covering made up of several long slender horizontal or vertical hard material like wood, plastic or metal tied together with strong string that run through the whole length of the blind with a control/adjustment cord or motorized control.

Historical account has it that the first patent for Venetian blinds was awarded on 11 December,1769, to Edward Bevan, an Englishman.

What is the purpose of blinds?

Blinds are now part of the interior decoration of a room along with their functional role of shades to direct, filter or prevent external light from entering the room. 

What types of window blinds are there?

Roller blinds

Wooden blinds,

Venetian blind,

Vertical blinds,

Roman blinds,

Day Night blinds,

Blackout blinds,

Plantation shutters.

How does a window blind work?

Although modern blinds now come with motorized blinds, battery-operated ,remote-controlled features, the principle on which both manual and motorized blinds work is similar and easy to understand. 

To operate the manual blinds,pull the adjustment cord usually placed at one of the vertical sides or you can pull the entire covering itself.

In the adjustment/control cord system, you pull strings attached to the bottom of the window dressing with a cable attached to it. When when you pull the cord, the bottom part gets raised but lowered when you release the cord.

For the motorized blinds, your battery powered remote control have buttons to adjust the shade by the vats or lift up or lower the blind.

Can I automate my blinds?

Yes you can if your blinds are not automated. You can purchase blinds automation kit , install by yourself or pay a technician to help you install the kit in your manual blinds in order to convert your manual blinds into smart automated window blinds.

For example,the Blind Automation Kit can  convert a 2-2.5” inch horizontal corded blinds into an automated window/door blind.

You can set daily and weekly schedules for you blinds to adjust itself and you never have to physically adjust your blinds or worry about opening and closing your blinds manually again.

How do I choose the right blinds?

Choose base on the size of your window or door and on your choice of light control type.

There are two light control types; room darkening and light filtering.
For wide windows or doors,shop for  blinds with longer vats or use two or more smaller blinds and install side by side.

When did blinds become popular?

Blinds were introduced to Europe in 1760 and few years later, Edward Bevan had a Venetian blind patent. Their popularity soon extended to the United States.

Can you put blinds on a door?

Though blinds are more popular as coverings for windows, they can be installed on a door too. Get a professional to help you install it on your door.

What companies are popular with blinds?

Floral Designs

Levolor NuWood Faux Wood Blind

White Cordless Vinyl Mini Blind

Allen + Roth Cordless Blinds

Levolor Premium Wood Blind

Veneta Classic Faux Wood Blind

What are the most popular window blinds?

The woven wood(faux or real) vats blinds with a liner to block off view of the inside from the outside are the most trendy.

They are beautiful and effective option for offices, kitchen and living rooms.

Some blinds are popular because they are more affordable(e.g Aluminium blinds are very affordable) or based on special functionality( cellular shades designed with fabric air pockets that trap air to insulate your windows and keep heat within the room).

What blinds are best for kitchen and  bedrooms?

Water resistant and easy to clean roller blinds made of polyester are great for most kitchens while Roman and Duette blinds are great option for blocking off light from bedrooms.

What type of blinds are easiest to clean?

Water resistant polyester roller blind,cellular shades, faux wood blind and aluminium blinds are on the top of list of blinds that are easiest to clean.

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