Free Hemorroids (Piles) Cream by AnusRhoid Hemorrhoid Cream

Hemorroidal (Piles) Cream: What is it?

Free Hemorrhoid Cream Free Hemorrhoid Ointment

Hemorrhoid cream or Hemorrhoid ointment like AnusRhoid hemorrhoid cream is a smooth oily preparation that you can apply gently on the surface of the anus area and inside the anus to stop  swelling caused by piles (hemorrhoids) to shrink the piles, grant relief from the discomfort and itching symptoms around the anal region while it counters the odor from the flatulence and bacterial activity in the anal region .


Can you trust hemorrhoid cream?

Yes you can trust hemorrhoid cream because it has ingredients that shrink blood vessels, reduce discomfort and other hemorrhoid symptoms.


When does hemorrhoid cream start to work?

Hemorrhoid cream or hemorrhoid ointment are formulated so that their ingredients can be rapidly absorbed topically within the area of pile, itching and discomfort such that your symptoms will typically go away in days , a week or two.

While using hemorrhoid creams or hemorrhoid ointment, make a few lifestyle adjustments so you can reduce, if not completely eliminate, the likelihood of hemorrhoids returning.


What lifestyle adjustments must you make to stop hemorrhoids?

Free Hemorrhoid Cream Free Hemorrhoid Ointment

First lifestyle modification is to make your stools soft and ease constipation. 

To achieve this, add to your daily meal at least 25-30g of insoluble fibre. This type of fibre is found in fruits, creals, wholegrains, nuts and vegetables.

When you eat daily meal that contains these food , the insoluble fibre in them is not absorbed by your body and so escapes through your bowels making your stool soft enough that you do not need to strain yourself or experience constipation.

Also, ensure that you drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day and avoid sweets and drinks that is rich in alcohol, refined sugar or contain caffeine. You should avoid taking drinks like energy drinks, coffee , alcoholic beverages and cola  or if you must take such drinks, do so sparingly and not frequently.

Finally, avoid straining your anus to pass stools, use moist toilet paper or baby wipes rather than dry toilet paper to clean after bowel movement in order to prevent abrasion that may lead to bleeding. Apply warm soaks called Sitz baths to your bottom to ease the pain and swelling of the piles.


What causes hemorrhoids in you?

Hemorrhoids(piles) are caused by Increased pressure in the lower rectum when you strain your anus during bowel movements, sit on the toilet for extended lengths of time and/or when you experience persistent diarrhea or constipation.

You are more likely to have hemorrhoids if their is a history of having hemorrhoids in your family.


How should hemorrhoid cream be applied?

Applying External Hemorrhoid Cream

Squeeze the hemorroid cream or ointment tube to release a small bit like 1 to 2-pea sized amount of hemorrhoid cream on your finger then use that finger to rub the hemorrhoid cream all the way around and inside your anus.

Some hemorrhoid creams or hemorrhoid ointments may come with nozzle to apply into the anus for the internal piles.

Apply hemorrhoid cream two to three times daily, particularly just before bed and in the morning or after bowel movement.


What quickly reduces hemorrhoids?

Free Hemorrhoid Cream Free Hemorrhoid Ointment

Apply a brand of very effective over-the-counter hemorrhoid cream like AnusRhoid or hemorrhoid suppository that contains ingredients with numbling effect of hydrocortisone.

Take sitz baths or warm baths regularly or  just take a 10- to 15-minute bath in plain, warm water twice or three times daily to treat your anal area.


Can cream for hemorrhoids make it worse?

When you take hemorrhoid creams or hemorrhoid ointments as prescribed, you get relief from hemorrhoids as this medicine often doesn’t have any significant side effects. You may possibly experience minor stinging or soreness but if any of these side effects persist or get worse, let your doctor or pharmacist know as soon as possible .


Does hemorrhoid cream help with under-eye bags?

No. Using hemorrhoid creams on your face or under your eyes is not  recommended even though the ingredients in hemorrhoid creams may reduce blood flow and narrower blood vessels to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and undereye bags. Use of hemorrhoid cream around the eyes or into the eye may be hazardous to the eye.


Can you apply hemorrhoid cream to hemorrhoids that are bleeding?

For external hemorrhoids, you can use a topical treatment, and for internal hemorrhoids, you can use a medicated suppository. Regular usage of these treatments, which are often administered multiple times daily, provide momentary relief. Typically, hemorrhoid creams when probably used should offer complete relief in about a week, otherwise, consult your doctor.


How long do external hemorrhoids last to disappear?

Free Hemorrhoid Cream Free Hemorrhoid Ointment

External hemorrhoids are typically moderate and go away in a week but you  must consult a doctor if they persist for a longer time or if the severity of your symptoms rises or does not stop for days after a week of using hemorrhoid creams. Hemorrhoids in grades 3 and 4 protrude from the anal canal, making them vulnerable to complications like strangulation and clot formation.


Has a cream for hemorrhoids any negative effects?

Many users of hemrorrhoid creams or hemorrhoid ointments do not report  significant negative side effects but it is wise to read the label to check if it contains are any substance you may be allergic to.

If you experience any severe adverse effects, such as fast or irregular heartbeat, pounding headache, anxiety, shakiness (tremor), or trouble sleeping, stop taking this drug and contact your doctor .


Can I consistently apply hemorrhoid cream?

Long-term usage of hydrocortisone might cause the skin around your anus to thin. It’s preferable to refrain from using these therapies for longer than 7 days, as well as from using them too frequently.


Does hemorrhoid cream make the skin tighter?

A well-known hidden weapon for reducing wrinkles is hemorrhoid cream. Hemorrhoid cream works effectively to temporarily constrict blood vessels and tighten skin to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, albeit it does have a pleasant aroma. It is advised by makeup artists to be applied before concealer.


Do wrinkles disappear after using hemorrhoid cream?

There is little evidence to support the claim that hemorrhoid treatments can lessen wrinkles. Most claims are based solely on anecdotes and only apply to formulations that contain the prohibited chemical LYCD. It is definitely a preferable approach to avoid the use of hemorrhoid creams for too long a time , especially for a lengthy period of time.


Is it possible to overuse hemorrhoid cream?

You won’t likely forget a dose because hemorrhoidal rectal is used only as needed. Hemorrhoidal shouldn’t be taken more than four times each day.


What are the best brands of Hemorrhoid creams and Hemorrhoid ointment?

Free Hemorrhoid Cream Free Hemorrhoid Ointment


AnusRhoid Hemorrhoid cream

Anusol Hemorrhoid cream

Anucare Hemorrhoid cream

Dictamni Chinese Herbal Hemorrhoids Cream 

U Hemorrhoid Anaesthetic Ointment


About AnusRhoid Hemorrhoid Cream

Free Hemorrhoid Cream Free Hemorrhoid Ointment

AnusRhoid Hemorrhoid cream provides instant relief and soothing from the discomfort and itching caused by hemorrhoids (piles)  because it is rapidly absorbed when applied to external and internal piles in the anus region.

It is very powerful enough to stop further swelling of piles and shrink the piles when applied on the anal region and inside the anus.

It is 100% produced from safe and  efficacious organic and herbal ingredients with no side effects.

It is rapidly well absorbed well and its oils binds well to the surface of the skin enough not to reduce staining your underwear.

It is well packaged in fit-for-purpose tubes that makes its price affordable, economical and environmental-friendly.

It is produced by Vaughan Pharmaceuticals Limited.


How To Get AnusRhoid Hemorrhoid Cream

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Free Hemorrhoid Cream Free Hemorrhoid Ointment