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PSC Solar UK is a multinational company that manufactures Solar PV Panel and provides services as aTotal Solar Electricity Sales & Services Integrator.

When was PSC Solar UK founded?

PSC Solar UK was founded in December 1989 and registered originally as a UK company.

In what countries does PSC have offices?

PSC Solar UK has offices in Nigeria, UK, European Union AND USA.

Is PSC Solar involved in sales and maintenance of Advanced Solar Energy Products ?

Yes. Apart from manufacturing solar products, PSC SOLAR UK is engaged in the sales, maintenance and installation of :
Advanced technology European designed Solar Hybrid Inverters,
Solar PV Panels,
Deep Cycle,
NANO Carbon and Hydrogen Cell Batteries,
Solar Streetlights with or Without CCTV/AUDIO,
EV Chargers,
Charge controllers and all accessories required for installation of Solar and Inverter Electricity systems.
Also, PSC SOLAR UK handles the installation of complete set of Solar Electricity systems ranging from small residential Solar and Inverter systems of 1.5KVA up to large utility scale Commercial and Industrial 5 MVA Power plants.

Can PSC Solar UK deliver its Products and Services across the African Continent?

Yes. PSC Solar UK can deliver its range of quality products and undertake contract jobs on installation of solar systems across the African especially West Africa Sub region.

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