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What is Karate training ?

Karate training is the training in ancient martial art of a life-long practice to acquire eyes for detail, physical and mental toughness during an initial period of learning and practice usually under tough gruelling training by a Karate Master.

What is the spiritual home of Karate?

Karate originated from Japan.

Is Karate an Olympics sport?

Karate has been approved by the International Olympic Committee ( IOC) and it is set to make its much-awaited Olympic debut at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games.

What is the best age to start karate training?

For anyone aspiring to become a karateka or parents considering to introduce their children to martial arts karate, the experts usually recommend 5 or 6 years of age as good age to start taking karate lessons . 

The starting age is very important and the earlier you start, the shorter period it usually takes to learn karate.

Also, starting at 5 or 6 years is because it’s around this age that a healthy human brain is sentient enough to recieve and  grasp karate training instructions and basic level theories.

Experiences the young karate trainee garner at this early age, whether failures or successes , makes a lasting impression.

That is why taking karate lessons from an early age is ideal for grasping the basics of karate techniques (kihons), which serves as the building blocks a successful karateka builds upon.

What is vicamen karate training academy?

Vicamen karate training academy is dojo (school) where clients are trained in martial arts and Karate to be physically and mentally fit enough and enhance their leadership skills through karate.

Who are the clients at Vicamen karate training academy?

📍 Individuals

📍 Families

📍 Groups/ Organization etc.

Can young ones learn at Vicamen karate training academy?

Vicamen karate training academy is a training ground for both the young and the old.

Where is vicamen karate training academy headquarter’s located?

Vicamen karate academy headquarters Is located in Lagos. 

When is vicamen karate training academy’s working hours?

Saturday: 8am-10amSunday: 5pm – 7pm.

What are the benefits you gain at Vicamen karate training academy?

✨ Fitness and Flexibility

✨ Self defense and confidence

✨ Agility and stamina

✨ Weight loss

✨ Reduces attention deficiency disorder in kids.

Is Vicamen karate training academy registered?

Vicamen Karate Academy is registered and it is a member of 

📌 Shitoryu Karate Association of Nigeria (SKAN) 

📌 World Shitoryu Karate Federation- Africa (WSKF-A)

📌 World Shitoryu Karate Federation (WSKF) 

📌 Karate Federation of Nigeria (KFN).

Who is the Chief instructor?

Pharm Shihan Victor Akhimien (VICAMEN) is the Chief instructor of Vicamen karate training academy who happened to

🔸 have earned a 7th degree karate black belt for over 23years

🔸 Vice President of World Shitoryu karate federation in Africa (WSKF- AFRICA)

🔸 CEO of Vicamen karate training academy .

How Best To Get Karate Training Sessions For Free

Vicamen karate training academy will give you 2 free trial classes.

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