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What is a Microsoft Azure Administrator?

The Microsoft Azure Administrator is a cloud service provider that provides the widest quantity of practical knowledge to manage the infrastructure of Azure which also permits you to pivot into any career path for Azure-based roles.

What Azure course will a beginner learn?

For someone that is new to Azure, even when you hold a different cloud certification, it is recommended to start the AZ-900 course as it explains the fundamentals required for a beginner or someone new to Azure course.  

Why should a novice in Azure recommended to take the AZ-900 course?

It is recommended to take AZ-900 because it teaches the basics and the Azure certifications at the associate levels are much more difficult than any other certification provided by other cloud service providers.

Although, Azure service is similar in terms and conditions but it is entirely different practically.

What does it take to earn the Azure Administration Certification?

All it takes to earn the Azure Administration Certification(AZ-104) is to learn from the free 11-hour course and ensure you complete the course.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a technology company that offers multiple cloud services. Microsoft Azure offers over 600 cloud service, from computing to storage to databases to machine learning.

How many hours is the fundamentals certification for Azure?

The Azure Fundamentals certification (AZ-900) is just a 3-hour free course that is made for those that are new to Azure so as to learn from the basis.

There’s a freecode 3-hour course available for it.

What are the things Azure administration certification covers?

Azure administration certification course covers

📍 Azure Active Directory

📍 User, Groups and Permissions

📍 Policies to ensure compliance of resources

📍 Infrastructure as Code via Azure Resource Manager

📍 Managing resources, scoping, and subscriptions

📍 Azure Virtual Machines, and Azure Disks

📍 Different storage models via Azure Storage Accounts

📍 Networking in Azure(there is a lot to cover here)

📍 SLA Availability, Availability Sets, Scale Sets, Application Gateway

📍 Azure App Services for fully-managed apps

📍 Azure Backup, Azure monitorand more.

What are the things Azure administration certification doesn’t cover?

The things Azure Administration certification does not cover are sections  like Serverless, Databases, and Application Integration but they are all covered in the Azure Developer certification.

What is the relationship that exists between AWS developer and Azure administration?

In the actual sense, the Azure Administrator is almost equivalent to the combination of AWS developer associate and the AWA SysOps Administrator.

Can someone without windows computer learn in Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a windows-first technology company that provides cloud service, and so, if you do not own a Windows computer, you will just be observing and then not directly experiencing how to use some of Azure cloud services.

What benefits do people gain in Azure?

For those who are new to the course and to those who are yet to work in a related field such as Industrial Training career experiencing Active Directory, general windows management, windows servers and the likes, Azure will take you through an extra curve of learning.

Microsoft Azure incorporates a much higher frequency of updates than other cloud service providers and sometimes new updates occur every month to a certification.

How do you get the Azure Administrator certification?

You can get the Azure administration certification after learning the free courses then pay to register for the exam fee. Take the exam at a test partnered center with Microsoft Azure.

Who are those that partnered with Azure administration?

Pearson Vue and PSI Online are partners of Microsoft Azure who have a network of test centers around the world. 

What do you need to know about the Azure administration certification exam?

📍 The exam entails 40 to 60 questions with a timeline of 3hours i.e. 180minutes

📍 The exam has many varieties of question types.

What is the pass grade for Azure administration certification exam?

A passing grade is about 70%.

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