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Starting a cocoa powder export business on a small scale is your highway to financial freedom.

You can be making well over #150,000 to #500,000 monthly from cocoa export alone depending on how much hard work you’re willing to put in it and how badly you want financial freedom.

Huge capital is not a major factor here like many people would assume. You can start in small scale and gradually expand in the future.
Due to increase in demand for the cocoa product in the international market, the price of cocoa in Nigeria has risen to about #700,000 per metric ton while the price of cocoa in the international market is around $2,860 per metric ton.

That’s huge money to be made!

Why you should join the league of cocoa powder exporters
• Huge capital is not required. With just about #20,000 you could become a cocoa powder exporter.
• There’s a huge and ever-growing demand for chocolate in the international market. That’s due to the love people have for chocolate, especially Americans.
• You can be sure to get a super good Return on Investment (ROI) without fear of loss.
• You can do this business in your spare time and still have time to spend with your loved ones.
The best time for you to have started the cocoa powder export business was yesterday and the second best time is now. Forget about the nay-sayers who never see anything good in anything. They have pledged an alliance with poverty and they will gladly trap anyone they can with their negative mindset.

With the current rise of the dollar every day, you can be sure to make a jaw-dropping profit that will make your Landlord envy you. Last time I checked, $1 equals to $355.

Now, that will be of great advantage to your small scale cocoa powder export business.
This increase in dollar value makes exports cheaper. A devaluation of the exchange rate will make exports competitive and appear cheaper to foreigners. Hence, an increase in demand for exports.

You still need more convincing why you should join the league of cocoa powder exporters? I don’t think so.
Exporting cocoa powder is a great business opportunity you need to grab right now.

Stop complaining about the government, take charge of your financial status.
Join the league of cocoa powder exporters and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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