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What is Uncracked Palm Kernel Nut?

Uncracked palm kernel nut is what is left of the palm fruit after processing the palm fruit for oil and the kernel dried to loosen the nut from the shell which is subsequently separated from the nut.

The nut drying as a process is required to make it easy for the release of whole nut when the palm kernel shell is cracked.

What are the uses of the palm kernel shells?

The palm kernel shell is an aggregate replacement material for gravel or granite  in concrete production. 

The condition of the palm kernel shell is an important requirement amongst the parameters to be considered to achieve operational efficiency of machines used for separating the shell from the nut.

For example, a manually-operated screw oil expeller will function efficiently after the appropriate parameters of the palm kernel nut is  evaluated and selected. 

Other indices considered for efficient process include feed rate, capacity, percentage oil recovery, machine efficiency, and oil yield.

What can Palm Kernel Oil be used for?

Palm Kernel Oil, popularly regarded as P.K.O,is obtained from the cold press of Palm kernel nuts.

The P.K O is processed into edible fats, and can be used for the manufacturing of soaps, candles and in the animal feed, pharmaceutical, deodorant and  confectionery industries.

What are the methods of palm kernel shell separation?

The methods of separating palm kernel shells from the nut  include traditional handpicking, clay-water bath (kaolin), mechanical dry separation, hydrocyclone and pneumatic separation.

What Quantity of Palm Kernel Nuts is needed?

Client actually requires interested supplier(s)to supply its factory in Agbor, Delta State as much as 8,400 Tonnes of uncracked palm kernel nuts every month and 25,200 Tonnes every quarter.

What price does client want to pay for the palm kernel nuts contract supply?

As at today 17th of March,the price the client is willing to pay is N40,000 per Tonne of uncracked palm kernel and N170,00 per Tonne of palm kernel nuts already removed wholly from cracked palm kernel shells

What other information do I need for this free Palm Kernel nut contract?

1.Client has a weighing scale.

2. Pays between 12-24 hours, enough time for client’s Quality Control staff to go through your supply and confirm quality.

3. Client will not defray the cost of delivery at site.

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