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What is Garri Ijebu?

Garri Ijebu is one of the varieties of West African white Garri made from peeled, milled, drained, fermented and non-oil fried matured cassava roots ( Manihot esculenta ).

Garri Ijebu is produced mainly in Yorubaland by Ijebu people and the tradition has been passed down through several generations to present day.

Garri Ijebu has a signature of pleasantly astringent and sour taste when taken with only water. 
It’s a very popular food and most times exported overseas to meet global demand for it especially among West Africans in diaspora. 
Garri Ijebu is enjoyed as a delicacy when soaked in cold water or room temperature water with milk .

Garri Ijebu can be eaten alone dry or drank soaked in only water and it can be made into a thick paste with well boiled water to form Eba (Yoruba Language)

Eba can be savoured with vegetable soups of assorted protein sources like beef, chicken , shrimps and fish.

Who invented Garri?

It is not clear who exactly invented the traditional process of making garri but for generations, the traditional process of making Garri Ijebu has remained a craft with centuries long history among the Yoruba people.

Garri is made from matured tubers the cassava plant. Cassava is native to regions around the present day Central and South America. It was introduced to Nigeria in the 16th century by Europeans.

How is garri Ijebu made?

📌 Peel and slice the matured root tubers of cassava.

📌 Mill the peeled tubers of cassava into a fine paste then transfer the paste into a jute bags,squeeze bag to drain the liquid into a bowl and tie tightly and place a heavy object like grindstone on it and leave for 3-5 days for fermentation to take place.

The longer days you leave to ferment and liquid to be forced out from the paste, the easier it is to fry the thick paste into flakes and the more sour it tastes.  

📌 Transfer the wet flakes into an empty non sticky frying pan placed on a stove  and immediately turn the flakes continually throughout with a wooden kitchen scraper or spatula until you have dry cassava flakes that are completely dry, fine-granulated, non sticky, astringent sour tasting and milk white.

What is the English name of Garri Ijebu?

It is often known as cassava flakes, another more appropriate English name for garri should be granulated cassava or cassava granules or coarse-grained cassava. 

Is India Garri imported and sold in Nigeria ?

Cassava, the plant from which Garri Ijebu is produced,  was introduced into India around the 17th century and since then Cassava and cassava food products have been a part of Indian cuisines.

Cassava flakes similar to Garri Ijebu is produced in India but it is different  from the Nigerian Garri Ijebu.

A popular brand of  Indian Garri is TRS Garri. It is exported to other countries for India nationals living in those foreign countries .

TRS Garri is used for making puddings, cakes and breads and it is not usually recommended to eat directly in soaked water like Garri Ijebu.

Is Garri safe to eat?

Garri Ijebu has been processed well which is enough to reduce toxic chemicals and so it is not dangerous for consumption, just that it is not meant to be a regular part of one’s diet.

Is Garri Ijebu acidic or alkaline?

Garri Ijebu is acidic in nature. Garri Ijebu is the most popular type of garri to ‘drink’ .

Is Garri Ijebu good for the eyes?

The high prevalence of visual defects among those that consume Garri is possibly due to the intake of unsafe quantity of cyanide in Garri which has been consumed over time and that’s why it is advised not to be a regular part of our diet. There’s also concern that unscrupulous producers maybe using immature cassava roots to make Garri in order to meet up with the high demand for this staple food in most West African countries. 

Does Garri Ijebu go bad?

Garri Ijebu has a shelf life of about six months or even more if properly stored and preserved.

Why you should stop drinking Garri Ijebu in excess and frequently?

Garri Ijebu is 99% carbohydrates and excessive intake of the Garri will result in excess storage of carbohydrates in the body and this can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

What are the side effects of Garri Ijebu?

Most of the concerns about Garri Ijebu are relatively non-existent if it’s well processed to retain most of its nutrients and the cassava roots are from fully grown matured cassava plants. This is  because it can lose nutrients during processing and the toxic cyanide in the roots reduces significantly with age.

The consumption of the trace amount of cyanide found in Garri Ijebu is not lethal but long-term intake of high quantity of Garri Ijebu could lead to severe health problems such as tropical neuropathy.

Garri Ijebu is rich in calories so you should consume it in moderation and in reasonable portions but if you consume it in high quantity on a regular basis, this can frustrate your weight loss plans as its associated with weight gain and obesity. Its high acidity can worsen the pain from stomach ulcer especially when it’s taken after long hours from last meal by an ulcer patient.

If you are just convascescing from illness or have an overall poor nutrition status due to dieting and low protein intake,  consumption of Garri at such period should be limited and small in quantity because your body is low in the protein which helps to remove the cyanide and prevent it from building up in your body.

When you eat Garri Ijebu too frequently at high quantity, especially without protein, this will increase the risk of cyanide poisoning in your body. Cyanide poisoning is rare in consumers of Garri Ijebu. However, cyanide poisoning is linked to paralysis ,organ damage,thyroid and nerve function impairment.

Cassava roots are deficient in the sulphur-containing amino acids, methionine and cysteine so consumption of Garri Ijebu could be an insufficient source of those nutrients.

What are the benefits of Garri Ijebu?

Garri Ijebu is a staple food

Garri is more affordable than most foods processed from other vegetable roots and it is eaten with every West African traditional soup.

Garri Ijebu has a long shelf life

Garri Ijebu comes well cooked, usually chemical and preservative free with long shelf life.

Garri is a quick meal you can take on the go

Garri Ijebu is a no hassle meal ; easy to prepare as meal and when soaked in water looks like cereal. However, unlike most cereals,  it has the advantage of being gluten free and vegan friendly.

Garri Ijebu contains some Vitamin C

Unlike boiled cassava, Garri Ijebu still retains its Vitamin C content so it is a source of Vitamin C which prevents scurvy and help improve your body’s immunity. 

Garri Ijebu contains the beneficial resistant starch

Garri Ijebu supplies resistant body to the body. Resistant starch is a type of starch that can bypass digestion and exhibit similar properties to soluble fiber. Resistant starch feeds beneficial bacteria in the  gut, which may help reduce inflammation and promote digestive health.Resistant starch has the  ability to improve better metabolic functions, reduce risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes,  promote fullness and reduce appetite if Garri Ijebu is taken in moderation.

Garri Ijebu granules are easy to digest and tastes great with animal protein

Garri Ijebu has smaller granules  compared to normal Garri. When soaked in cold or room temperature water,it tastes great , especially as a meal with protein rich foods like fried beef, fish, shrimps and/or chicken. This combo is also nutritionally beneficial as the protein helps rid the body of toxic cyanide residual in the body or which may still be left in trace amount in the Garri Ijebu.

Garri Ijebu contains Saponins and Tannins

The tannins and Saponins present in Garri Ijebu have some benefits and that’s likely reason Garri Ijebu is used as home therapy for treating nausea and vomiting.

Garri Ijebu contains great amount of calories

Garri Ijebu is very rich in calories and a reliable source of calories to meet the high demand for calories in adults and children with active lifestyles. 

What is the nutritional value of Garri Ijebu?

The amount of the nutrients retained in the Garri Ijebu may vary as a result of the processing the cassava goes through.  However, according to USDA,  the nutrient present in 100 grams is as stated in the chart below

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