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What is known as Product Photography service?

Free Product Photography Service!

Product photography is a section of  commercial photography that involves the use of the service of a professional product photographer taking the photographs of products for commercial use.

These products range from cosmetics, food to any item that its pictures need to be taken professionally for commercial use such as advert , regulatory filing , marketing research etc.

For product photography use in e-commerce, the pictures of each product help to ensure customers identify the authentic brands and make a wise choice between rival products. 

What are the examples of product photography?

Product photography educates us about the size, shape, colour of items and also they are used.

There are several types of product photography. This ranges from simple studio product images to the lifestyle approach, sometimes there are products in action, and group photos of a product line, product packaging, and some others.

What does product photographers do?

Sometimes they are called as a photographer, a product photographer has an assignment of capturing images of products majorly for the purpose of advertising.

Product photographers together with brands work together to create images that are exact replica of the product.

What types of product photography do we have?

There are different types. Some of them include:

• Individual shots: A shot of your product which is done using a white background.

• Lifestyle shots

• Scale shots: Helps users get more incite of the size of the product.

• Detailed shots: A close up view specifically to show clearly all of the product features.

How do I become a product photographer?

To start Product photography business from scratch, you will need to do the following:

Learn the Craft up to the professional level.

Spend a lot on Gear and Equipment.

Setup your Studio.Do some Shoots without collecting money.

Create and online presence.

Publicise your Business.

Know well your Clients and know what they need.

What difference exists between product photography and still life ?

They can be the same but where the two categories differ is that when comes to product photography, the main purpose is to show off a product. These photos always pay attention on providing a clear image of the product without distractions.

Conversely, still life shots are always more artistically driven and provide more opportunities to be creative.

What companies are the best product photography and Still Life Photography service providers?

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Courtesy: Product Photographer Adenike Alonge of Grevolve Media

Nori Inoguchi. 
Sam Kaplan
Lucas Zarebinski
Jonathan Knowles
Zachary Goulko.

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