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What is skill acquisition training?

Free Skill Acquisition Training

Skill acquisition training is the type of training that imparts practical knowledge of a craft on selected trainees within a specially designated time and venue, usually on ad hoc basis , so that the trainees can use the acquired skill to earn an income and survive .

At skill acquisition training, trainees are guided to follow and repeat the tasks they learn in order to produce same or better results, on their own after the training period .

Most of the skill acquisition trainings come with a period of mentorship fot the graduands until they are good at the craft and sufficient to earn a sustainable income through the repeatable tasks they learnt at the training.


What are the stages of skill acquisition?


Applying skill acquisition training in lucrative business ideas.

There are three stages in skill acquisition. These stages are :

Stage 1 is called the Cognitive Stage

According to Fitts and Posner’s three-stage theory, it is this stage that is known as the cognitive stage.

During this stage, the trainee will put his or her focus to learn a skill by receiving knowledge passed by the trainer in a verbal or visual form .

The learner takes note and exercise a feedback by paying close attention to the instructions and information given by the trainer help the trainee unlearn errors, gain new insights and learn how to achieve consistency in the quality of the output and performance.

Asking questions to gain clarity on what to do in practical are essential in this stage; for example, a household products making trainee must ask with clarity what quantity of preservatives should be added to each product in order to maintain a perfect balance between the product efficacy and organoleptic properties like colour and scent.

The learner must get the clear information and then organize it into a manner that can be retained in memory and applied to lead into a repeatable success in the task when its time to practice the skill .

The second stage is the Associative / Motor Stage.

At this stage , the trainee now gains the knowledge of the procedures in each task to perform the skill.

The trainee will start using his or her motor skills to improve performances after lots of practice during the training and early days after the training .

Here, because the trainee associates specific cues given by the trainer with the motor problems he or she faces and follows the trainer’s cues accordingly to solve them, this stage is also regarded as the motor stage.

Since the fundamental has already been established during the stage 1 cognitive phase, this second stage is the time the trainee improves and refines especially his or her motor skills by repeating the specific cues in each task demonstrated and executed by the trainer .

In this associative/motor stage, the learner puts lots of conscious effort into body movements to decrease inconsistency in the performance and product output.

Expectedly, the new movements learnt will feel strange and uncomfortable at the start, so it requires an additional effort and change that most trainees may be unwilling to undertake.

That is why trainees that have successfully gone through the stage one phase of verbal and visual information about the latest techniques will less resist the motor learning process that will strech them but help them get the learning plan and the clear perspective on why they must for undertaking the effort and perseve despite the change.

The trainer starts with the simplest forms of the training and then advances to the complex stages with subsequent  improvements and refinement until the relevant cues are mastered and becomes a spontaneous and automatic part of the trainee .

The final stage is the Stage 3 called the Autonomous Stage 

This is the stage where the trainee has gained information and practiced diligently enough to earn a living from the acquired skill. Certificates may be issued to trainees at the end of this final stage.

At this stage, the learner can accomplish each task in the skill acquisition training without any conscious oversight as it has become ingrained in his or mind and body .

This stage is not without its bumps and bruises so it may take years of hard work and continous training until you gain an elite status in that skill.

It is the demand of this stage that makes some trainees never to reach the pinnacle of success despite acquiring the skill .


For trainees that make this stage,  you must know that the perpetual self-learning in the acquired skill, along with strong organisational and communication skill with business acumen, play integral part in the autonomous stage.

At this stage, successful trainees now perform excellently enough to earn with the skill and become entrepreneurs who can identify errors and make adjustments accordingly by themselves though with little or no mentorship .

Even after the training time schedule is officially concluded, it is the elements of this stage that will stretch most of the graduands so it requires a lot of focus, determination, culture of continuous practice and learning to succeed at this stage and later years of your business formed with the acquired skill training .


What are lucrative skill acquisition?

Free Skill Acquisition Training

Lucrative skill acquisition are those skills that are in high demand and hold great prospect to fetch you more income when you start practicing the skill for business.

There are numerous skills and craft you can acquire at skills acquisition training among which are;


Adire making ( Tie & Dye Art) ,





Cable TV Installer,

Cloud computing,

Computer hardware repair and installation,

Fashion Design,


Household products making ,



Make Up Art,

Public Speaking/ Master of Ceremony Art,

Web and Graphics design,

Free Skill Acquisition Training

And many other skill acquisition for practical business ideas.


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Free Skill Acquisition Training

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Free Skill Acquisition Training
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