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What is a Swedish anti-aging facial?

Swedish anti-aging facial is a beauty regimen using cosmetic formulations produced with natural ingredients that are rare , mostly native to Sweden and potent against aging effect on facial skin cells.

Thus, Swedish Anti-aging facials help to effectively  restore the firmness, elasticity and overall skin beauty of your face.

Why is Swedish anti-aging facial session special?

It lies in both how the service is rendered for all genders and the rich long lasting effect of the ingredients used in Swedish anti aging facial session.

Swedish forests and meadows are globally acclaimed as abundant in delicious berries including the rare Swedish Cloudberry.

These Swedish natural habitats have one of the most precious and rare berries in the world. This wild rare berry mainly grows in arctic environments and boreal forests native to Sweden and the Northern Hemisphere. 

Access to the cloudberry , like most of the ingredients used in Swedish anti aging facials, is limited and the herbs have limited season of harvest. 

Some of the herbs are native to specific Swedish provinces. Part of these Swedish jewel is the Arctic bramble, called Akerbär in Swedish. This wonder herb is the provincial plant of the Norrbotton province in Northern Sweden. The plant produces a pinkish fruit considered a delicacy and its antioxidant-rich properties, vitamins and minerals, the source of every cell that retained its beauty and survived  during the harsh and long Swedish winter.

What are the major herbs used in Swedish anti aging facials ?

There are quite a few Swedish herbs used as natural sources of the potent ingredients used in Swedish anti aging facials.

The most notable are the berries; cloudberry and blueberry,  elderflower,  Silver Birch—Ornäsbjörk in Swedish , kelp seagrass beneath the surface of the  Kosterhavet  Swedish marine national park, red algae of the Swedish Koster Islands,  Arctic bramble, called Akerbär, cornflour, daisies,  oat and other nature’s gift to get a beautiful skin.

What is done during Swedish anti-aging facial session? 

A swedish anti-aging facial is applied to the skin to make the skin flawless and to make one look younger and healthy.

What are the advantages of the swedish anti-aging facial?

The swedish anti-aging facial has numerous advantages. 
Some of which are:

📌 It helps to reduce wrinkles

📌 It enhances smooth and nourished skin

📌 It helps to reduce loosing and sagging of skin

📌 It makes the skin firm and plump

📌 It prevents thinning skin

📌 It aids in renewing the skin.

Where can I get Swedish anti-aging facial session?

There’s a Swedish anti-aging facial session that is totally free at the beautiful experience center in the heart of Lagos.

What will you learn at the swedish anti-aging facial session?

At the swedish anti-aging facial session, you will discover the 4 simple steps twice daily on how to enjoy flawless skin.

What do people say about the Swedish Anti Aging Facial treatment?

94% of  women with women with aging and matured skin reported that their skin elasticity and nourishment was remarkably improved after their Swedish Anti Aging Facial treatment.

How can I enjoy the swedish anti-aging facial?

You can walk in to have the free session and you can be part of free beauty training session online. Here’s how it is done.

Where’s the swedish anti-aging facial session going to take place?

Where to get free Swedish Anti Aging Facial treatment session in Lagos .

The swedish anti-aging facial session is takes place in Ikeja, the beautiful experience centre in the heart of Lagos but you can book a personal service from wherever you are in Lagos and experts in Swedish anti-aging will come to your location for home/office service .

What time and day is the free swedish anti-aging facial session?

The swedish anti-aging facial session holds by 10am of every Wednesday.

What are the ingredients of a swedish anti-aging facial ?

The major ingredients of a swedish anti-aging facial are water, pressed sunflower oil, Vegetable Base Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate/Sodium Palm Kernelate, pentasonate pentate, Evening Primrose Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Natural Color & so on.

How To Get FREE Swedish Anti Aging Facial Session

This session from a premium service provider of the widely acclaimed effective Swedish Anti Aging Facial treatment comes absolutely free.