Free Training In Electrical Installation & Maintainance

What is electrical installation and maintainance vocational training?

Electrical Installation and maintenance training is one in all the trades offered in technical Colleges. Electrical installation and maintainance vocational training is a Vocational trade that exposes students to skills which requires energy and skills for work to be done.

What is the meaning of electrical installation and maintenance?

A construction electrician installs or services residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems or machines. A maintenance electrician keeps the electrical systems and equipment in good working order after they must have been installed.

What are the benefits of studying electrical installation and maintenance?

Electrical preventive maintenance and testing is among the foremost important functions to be performed so as to keep up the reliability and integrity of electrical distribution systems, as well as for the protection of kit and personnel.

How would you describe electrical installation?

Electrical installation describes the physical work which involves installing electrical systems into a building and the testing or wiring systems (usually for insulation resistance and to test for any damage) of the building.

What are the advantages of electrical installation?

Electrical installation can save lives, protect expensive equipments and reduce the prices of energy.

What is the meaning of electrical maintenance?

Electrical maintenance means electrical craft work limited to maintaining existing electrical systems, facilities or equipment by an employee of an individual, company, corporation or entity owning the electrical systems, facilities or equipment.

How important are electrical tools and equipment?

The electrical Tools and equipments are valuable items that enhance the speed, convenience and the simplicity of the work.

These tools made tasks like repairing and building much easier, turning a number of the foremost tedious projects into something that only takes a brief while to accomplish.

What is maintenance of electrical equipment?

Electrical Preventive Maintenance (EPM) is that the practice of conducting routine inspections, tests, and also the servicing of electrical equipment in order that impending troubles are often detected and reduced, or eliminated.

What are the kinds of installation?

Attended installation,

Silent installation,

Unattended installation,

Headless installation,

Scheduled or automated installation,

Clean installation,

Network installation,


What are the categories of electrical installation?

The different forms of Electrical House Wiring Systems are Cleat Wiring, Casing and Capping Wiring, Batten Wiring, Lead Sheathed Wiring, Conduit Wiring.

What are the overall requirements of electrical installation?

The general Conditions And Requirements in Electrical Construction Contract are requirements of Regulatory Agencies, Materials, Drawings, Manufacturer’s Working Drawings, Record Drawings and Maintenance Manuals, wattage Supply, Coordination with Supply Authority and placement of Electrical Equipment.

What are the materials needed in electrical installation and maintenance?

The Electrical Materials & Products needed are Electrical Conduit and Conduit Fitting which may be a tube that carries electrical wire for power or communications, Electrical Wire and Cable, Explosion Proof Enclosures, fuse, Electrical Connectors, Electrical Box, Lugs, control.

What is maintenance and its importance?

Maintenance management is a very important component of a well-functioning production.

Maintainance helps organizations maintain their resources while controlling time and costs to ensure maximum efficiency of the manufacturing process, the utilities and related facilities.

What are the common problems in electrical installation?

Frequent electrical surge, Sags and dips in power, Light switches not working properly, electrical fuse tripping frequently, Circuit overload, Lights too bright or dim, Electrical shocks, High electrical bill.

What is the importance of schematic drawing electrical installation?

It illustrates each component of the circuit as simple shapes along with power and signal connections between the devices.

A schematic drawing usually gives information about the relative position and arrangement of devices and terminals on the devices, to assist in building or servicing the device.

What are the various sorts of Maintenance?

Preventive Maintenance, Condition-Based Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Predetermined Maintenance, Gaining Maintenance Knowledge with Interplay Learning.

How does one maintain an electrical system?

One can maintain and electrical system by not overloading an outlet, Working Smart, Replacing Old and Damaged Wiring, and buying High-Quality Electrical Parts.

What are the fundamental electrical hand tools?

Multimeter, Voltage tester, Wire strippers, Circuit finder, Screwdrivers and nut drivers specific to electricians, Pliers, Fish tape, tapeline.

Where can we use electrical tools?

Electrical tools are tools specially designed for use on an electrical system.

These tools include a good range of tools like wire and cable cutters, wire strippers, coaxial compression tools, telephony tools, wire cutter/strippers, cable tie tools, accessories and even more.

What are the benefits in using electrical power tools?

With the aid of power tools, you will get your work done at high speed.

The subsequent big advantage of using power tools is that they are abundantly effective compared to other tools.

Working with power tools might also get your work done faster. Power Tools are best effective for repair and construction tasks.

Why is it important to arrange the electrical tools for the task?

To do the task, electrical tools or equipment are needed to perform the task.

Each tool is precisely designed for a particular purpose, so choosing the right tool will decrease the amount of effort required to induce effective employment without causing damage to the equipment or surface being worked upon.

What is maintenance and repair of electrical equipment?

Repair and maintenance of electrical equipments are activities carried out on an equipment in terms of proper installation, good servicing, routine checks, repairs and replacement of faulty parts so that such equipment can be reliable and efficient to operate at maximum output throughout its useful life span.

What is an example of installation?

The definition of an installation is the process of putting something in, a tool that stays in one place, a military base, or an art piece that usually involves building and different kinds of materials.

Getting your new air conditioner or new cooling system fixed for your use is an example of an installation art.

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