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What is Website Design?

A website design should be


-meets the desire of the target group.

On the contrary, a website that has been designed badly will turn off potential customers and they drop off;some never to return to your sales funnel again.

Make no mistake, aesthetics is very important to a good website because pictures says a thousand words and like a book, the cover(design) of your web site will be used to judge you!

Furthermore, good website design will impact your Google ranking, search engine optimization(SEO), site user’s behavior, and of course your brand perception and positioning.

So, if you want your online business to thrive, it starts with the foundation of your web design. On no account should you toy with your website Design.

What are the Elements of Website Design?

There are different parts of web design but the main elements in your design architecture are:

Website grahic design

Interface design

User experience design


Search Engine Optimization

In short, web design act to describe the client side, or represent the whole front-end design of the website.

The front-end of your website is the part that your customers see, navigate, and interact with on their browser.

The main purpose of a well planned and executed design is to grab and keep your visitors’ attention, sell a product or service, and give a real sense of what your company is(brand perception and positioning).
Good design collects ideas and experiences then put them together and displays them in an easy to use aesthetic professional way.

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