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One of the trending digital skills to learn is YouTube Business. The second largest search engine in the world is YouTube. A lot of persons go there to search for video contents either for entertainment, educative and so on.

Having your own YouTube channel and producing contents will not be a bad idea when you have contents to put up there. The challenge comes when there are competitors who are producing the same video contents in your niche.


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Section 1: YouTube Basics

If you are just new to YouTube; and you’re to go through it, otherwise, skip this section and go to section 2. This section will cover the below topics;


Section 2: YouTube SEO Strategies for Ranking

We once mentioned earlier that it is not enough to start a youtube channel when there are enough competitors in your chosen niche. Anyone can start a youtube channel, but not everyone can bear the pain of staying, and implementing the necessary things to rank a channel or a video on the YouTube Search engine.

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#1: YouTube Ranking Algorithm

#2: Effects of Video Commenting on SEO

#3: Likes and Dislikes (their effects on video ranking)

#4: Link Building

#5: How Video Thumbnails affects ranking

#6: Optimizing YouTube channel