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What is Dealroom?

DealRoom is a deal pre-screening and showcase medium to relieve the difficult task  of finding creditable investable deals within the country and/or getting investors for your profitable investable deals from investors within and outside Nigeria.

In summary,  DealRoom provides a constant stream of deals from all over Nigeria. 

DealRoom promises to provide easy access to deal flows all over the country and networking opportunities like opportunity to access wide range of deals and lots more.

What are we to expect in the 2nd edition of pitch session?

There’s a guaranteed 50% discount for you from DealRoom.

How Do You Get Private Investors For Free?

For this upcoming 2nd edition of virtual Pitch Session, you will have access to High Networth Individuals(HNIs) who will grace the event along with;
Angel Investors, 
Venture Capital Firms, 
Private Equity Firms, 
Traditional and Non -Traditional Financial Institutions.

All the above pool of investors are drawn from both local and international investors domiciled within and outside of Nigeria.

Who are the guest speakers of the February edition of the learning series?


What day of the month is the second edition of the DR pitch session?

The second edition virtual pitch session will be coming up on Friday, 23rd of April, 2021 to Saturday, 24th of April, 2021.

By what time will the second edition of the DR pitch session start?

The DR pitch session for this second edition starts by 10:00am.

How do you register for the pitch directly to investors?

To register so you can pitch in the Dealroom session directly to investors, you need to register

Who or what are we to contact for more enquiries?

To make more enquiries you may make physical visit to 23, Dipeolu street, off Awolowo way, ikeja, Lagos State or