Ginger candy With Free Health Benefits

What is Ginger candy?

Ginger candy is the sweet made from cooled heated mixture of consistent sugar syrup and peeled ginger(sliced pieces or grated paste) or its extracts or flavour.

It can be home made where you can adjust the amount of sugar used to make the caramel or ginger candy can be manufactured and packaged on industrial scale and sold like the Arcor Ginger candy produced by Arcor, a food company based in Arroyito, Córdoba,Argentina that is specialized in confectionery.

Arcor is one of the top producers of hard candies in the world; its products are exported globally reaching over 120 countries.

How To make ginger candy at home?

Take about 100g of fresh clean ginger and peel neatly with a kitchen knife.
Rinse and grate to a paste.

Heat a pan and add half cup of sugar to it and then add a quarter cup of water,stir well until you have a consistent syrup in the pan on the heater.

While stirring the hot syrup , add the grated ginger to it and continue to stir well for about 30 minutes until you have a thick mixture.
Transfer the hot thick mixture into a greased plate , level evenly and allow to cool.
You can cut into pieces and eat or store.

If you desire to make it crystallized ginger candy, roll the partially cool pieces in sugar to coat, allow to cool then eat.

Some homemade ginger candy are made  from boiled slices of peeled ginger that is coated in sugar and left overnight.

The next day, the sugar soaked ginger slices are heated in sugar syrup to thickness and allowed to cool before eating or stored.

What are the benefits of ginger candy?

Chewing on ginger candy, especially after a meal,helps improve meal digestion and bring a gentle relief to the throat.

Ginger candy is attributed to curing certain types of gastrointestinal distress,helpful in fighting nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, dizziness, and cold sweats.

Ginger candy helps in reducing inflammatory pains which makes it helpful in reducing the pain caused by arthritis.

Is there a difference between candied ginger and crystallized ginger?

The difference is more in semantics as there is really no difference in their nutritional make up.

The two terms “candied” and “crystallized” are sometimes interchanged for each other but in the strict sense,candied ginger refers to boiled sliced ginger that has been stored  overnight in the simple syrup whereas crystallized ginger refer to ginger cooked in the sweet syrup and rolled in sugar.

Who should not take ginger?

You may not be able to take ginger candy  if you have certain medical conditions and on some medications.

For example,the active constituents of the ginger in the ginger candy can affect blood-clotting and may increase your risk of bleeding.

So when you take it along with medications like aspirin, clopidpgrel etc or herbal supplements like turmeric, garlic etc  that slow down blood clotting, you will increase the risk of bleeding.

To avoid this problem, seek expert opinion from your pharmacist or doctor or other healthcare professionals if it is safe taking ginger candy when you are on some medications or herbal supplements.

What is ginger used for sexually?

Ginger contains a potent active constituent chemical 6-gingerol, which, in the body, is able to stimulate cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) which activates the Protein Kinase G(PKG) which is responsible for many of the effects of Nitric Oxide(NO) including the effects of NO on blood vessel relaxation (vasodilation) creating a viagra-like effect. 

Expectedly, bioactive substances in the dietary ginger rhizome present in the ginger candy may ultimately improve testosterone production as it boosts the production and effect of NO and increase blood flow to the sex organ.

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