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What is a soy cereal?

A soy cereal is a well known breakfast cereal which contains soy protein from soyabeans( Glycine max) as its’ main ingredient .

Soy cereal is produced from maize and de-hulled soya beans treated with heat and fortified with sugar, dried skim milk powder , refined soya bean oil, vitamins and minerals.

Soy cereal comes in bags or cereal bags as flour of corn and soy, soya bean oil, fortified with minerals and vitamins with or without added sugar and milk.

What are the benefits of soy cereal?

📍 Soy cereal is highly rich in protein as its main ingredient is soy protein which is notable for incorporating about nine required amino acids that the human body needs for the maintenance of optimum health. 

📍 Soy Cereal is known to be safe and healthy for those with chronic kidney diseases as soy protein has antioxidants that is referred to as isoflavones which is good for the functioning of the kidneys.

📍 Soy Cereal is generally free of cholesterol and it is low in fat content. Due to this, it is often recommended for people having issues with cholesterol or related issues.

📍 Soy Cereal is good for those that are dieting or those that has issues with their weights as it’s high fiber content aids in the reduction of hunger pangs. Therefore, soy cereal is often recommended to reduce the risk of obesity.

📍 Soy cereal has antioxidants known as isoflavones in soy protein which is said to protect against osteoporosis and has been known to be healthy for diabetic patient.

Is soy cereal naturally sweetened?

Soy cereal is mostly sweetened with a natural sweetener such as the maple syrup, honey and other natural fruit concentrates that are mostly recommended over the artificial sweeteners.

Does the soy cereal have different flavours?

Yes. Soy cereal often comes in various colours and shapes and also in various flavours such as the apple, strawberry, chocolate, maple, cinnamon and many other flavors.

What other healthy Ingredients are added to soy cereal?

The other healthy ingredients that are added to soy cereal are flaxseed, bananas, apples, walnut, raisins and so on.

How to prepare soy cereal?

Soy cereal is prepared and served as a porridge or gruels by mixing appropriate scoops of the soy cereal powder and clean water ( in mass, could be 1 soy cereal powder to 5 water mix ratio of 50g of powder in 250 g of water).

Mix to get evenly mix water with the powder then  boil the mixture to simmering point for five to ten minutes. Serve and enjoy.

How best is soy cereal served?

Soy cereal is served just like the other homemade cereal. It can be served hot or cold or even with warm water with the addition of milk or soymilk.It is sometimes served raw or baked in an oven .

Can soy cereal be consumed regularly?

If you desire to consume soy cereal on regular basis,  like most soy-based mrals, it is usually recommended not to take it with high protein diets in excess because of the risk it poses to the liver.

If you have other concerns, you can get more professional guidance from a dietician or other healthcare professionals.

What are the ingredients and their percentage composition in soy cereal?

Maize (yellow or white): 58.30%

De-hulled soya beans: 20%

Skim milk powder: 8%

Sweetener (e.g Sugar) : 9%

Refined soya bean oil: 3%

Vitamin and Mineral : 0.20%

Potassium chloride: 0.27%

Anhydrous Dicalcium phosphate : 1.23%

What is the nutritional value of soy cereal?

The nutritional value per 100 g dry matter of soy cereal is as stated below :

Calories : 410 kcal ( minimum)

Protein: 16.0 %  ( minimum )

Fat: 9.0 % ( minimum )

Moisture content: 7.0 % ( max.)

Ash: 4.6 % ( max.)

Crude fibre: 2.9 % (max. )

What are the best brands of Soy Cereal?

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