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Isé Òlúwa

by Sunkanmi Vaughan

Isé  Òlúwa by Sunkanmi Vaughan (Produced by Music Entertainment)

What is the story in the Isé Òlúwa musical video?

This video to the instrumental version of the folklore Yoruba song, Isé Òlúwa, by Sunkanmi Vaughan, is an animation video.

Isé Òlúwa”, the title of the work, is a Yoruba phrase which means “God’s work” in English Language.

In this video, every lyric is translated into English language and synchronized with the instrumentals to enable you sing along.

The deep meaning in the lyrics is narrated through the main character’s eyes that journeyed through life and “ended in praise”.

The story of  this video is based on a family life cycle and how beautiful actually is.

It starts with an old man walking towards a window, he stops to  reminisce about his life from when he was a toddler to when he started formal schooling and graduated from the university to later when he started work and then got married, had his first daughter and next, son, and how he and his wife grew old.

He testified that his life is very beautiful, and that life itself is very beautiful itself.

The video shows a series of stock footage to show the wonders of creation and it goes ended at the scene where the principal character thanked God for his life with a hand gesture used to show reverence called “Oşuba” by the Yoruba.

Producer of Ise Oluwa : FreeStuffsNG Music Entertainment

Copyright owner of Ise Oluwa : Sunkanmi VAUGHAN