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What is a malted milk biscuit?

A malted milk is a type of biscuit, that is initially produced by Elkes Biscuits of Uttoxeter in the year 1924.

It was named after its malt flavouring and milk content. There is variability in the use of design depending on the manufacturer.

What are malted milk biscuits made from?

Some of the ingredients used when making a malted milk biscuit are wheat flour, dried while milk, palm oil, sugar, barley malt extract, glucose syrup, raising agents (Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate), salt, flavouring and lots more.

Are malted milk biscuits good for you?

Malted milk biscuits incorporates high molasses content in iron with which three biscuits will provide what one business can prove with high malt and make le they don’t take something.

Can dogs eat malted milk biscuits?

Sometimes  moderately, biscuits are not likely to harm your dog but some pets have wheat allergies or grains sensitivities.

Are malted milk biscuits vegetarian?

No, unfortunately, the biscuits are made from china glucose, I feel them suitable for vegans.

What are the best brands of malted milk biscuit?

Fox’s Malted Milk Biscuit, 

Belmont Malted Milk Biscuit,

Big Boss Milk Biscuit,

Bonn Milk & Malt Biscuit,

Coles Malted Milk Biscuit,

Crawford’s Malted Milk Biscuit,

Marks & Spencers Malted Milk Biscuit,

Happy Shopper Malted Milk Biscuit,

Hill Malted Biscuit,

Royalty Malted Milk Biscuit,

Tesco’s Malted Milk Biscuit.

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