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What is Mango Juice?

Mango Juice Drinks - the powerhouse drink for you at price slash!
Mango juice is the bright yellow drink prepared mainly from the blended pulp of ripe fruits of mango trees ( Mangifera indica).
Mango juice sold in packs and cans are sometimes made from the concentrated mango puree and fortified with nutrient extracts from other fruits like passion fruits, pineapplewatermelon etc. while still retaining the colour and texture of fresh mango juice . Some brands of Mango Juice contains corn syrup and preservatives to increase their shelf life.

What is known as mango juice made of?

Mango juice drink is made up of a yellow liquid which most times come fortified with nutrient extracts from other fruits and sold as mango juice drinks .
This liquid part is not just that coconut water, orange juice or lemon juice part added to mango juice for more nutrition to your drink,it includes water and to counterbalance the heating properties of the mangoes and ensure the mango pulp blends well, thin down, to a juice consistency.
The finished mango juice retains its powerhouse of high dose vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamins A, C, E, K, iron , magnessium, , potassium, copper, antioxidants and other nutrients which help maintain the wellbeing of the body.
These mango juice constituents will not modify the flavor of your mango juice.
You can try different recipes of mango juice at home or save yourself of the hassle and buy ready to drink mango juice sold in your local supermarkets.

What are the advantages of drinking mango juice?

The greatest distinguished health advantages of mango juice include dropping blood pressure, improving circulation, civilizing vision health, assisting the immune system, averting cancer and chronic disease, increasing skin health, lowering of the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels, maintaining the acid pH levels, improving digestion and relieving discomfort of constipation.

Which mango is known to be full of juice?

The finest household mango juice recipe makes use of organic alphonso mangoes for a exceedingly sweet, nectar-like drink.

Mango skin, is it edible? 

Mango peels are always harmless to eat on their own, but can be harmful when it is eaten raw. A special way of extracting some of the nutrients from the mango skin is through making mango peel syrup.
Weigh out a pound (about half a kilogram) of mango peels and pits (covering of the mango seed) , add quarter pound of lemon or lime and a half-pound of sugar. Blend all together and serve chilled with ice.

What makes mango juice different from mango nectar?

Mango juice is entirely prepared from the mango puree of ripe mango fruits. Mango juice may contain the pulp fibres in it or strained to remove the pulp fibres. It can be made fresh from mango fruits using your blender at home or prepare the juice from mango puree concentrate.

Mango nectar, on the other hand, does not contain only the mango puree concentrate or mango juice alone, it’s mixed with sweeteners like sugar and often tastes sweeter than mango juice; giving it the name mango nectar because nectar itself is sugar.

Therefore, it make perfect sense to call a mixture of mango juice and sugar the name ‘mango nectar’ .

What is the effect of drinking mango juice daily?

Pressure in the body is regulated when mango juice is taken. This is as a result of potassium and magnesium present in it; these are the compounds that standardize blood pressure in the body. When Mango juice is taken every day, it helps us keep fit and maintain blood pressure and keep hyper tension in check. In addition to the afore mentioned, drinking Mango juice also see to it that there is adequate fluid in the body to keep it balanced.

What is the harmful effect of mango?

When mango is taken in excess, it can cause diarrhea. Mangoes comprehend a great deal of fiber, and surplus consumption of fibrous fruits can also lead to diarrhea. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat this fruit in a well-adjusted proportion.

Who should not consume mango?

Mangoes are widely known for their saccharine and sour flavors; nevertheless, the fruit contains a great deal of sugar that can be harmful for people with diabetes.
Eating mangoes can trigger a rise in blood sugar levels, this states clearly that patient with diabetes should get a doctor’s prescription before taking mangoes.

What are the processes of making mango juice?

Here are the steps to make mango juice at home,

Mango Juice Drinks - the powerhouse drink for you at price slash!
1. Wash your mango fruits and rinse well with much water .
2. Peel and cut into chunks the fleshy part of the mango .
3. Transfer mango chunks into the blender. Add sugar or honey (this is optional) .
2. Blend until the contents turn into an smooth mango puree.
3. Add some water to the thick puree and blend it again. Your can transfer the puree straight into your cups and serve or proceed to the next step if you don’t like your mango juice with the pulp fibre.
4. Place a fine sieve strainer on an empty pitcher and pour the puree through to strain the puree and get your mango juice in the pitcher. Rinse the strainer of any fibrous pulp if any is left on the strainer.
5. Serve fresh or cold with ice or cover your pitcher with film and store in fridge.
It can remain fresh within 2 days.

What’s the nutritional value of mango juice?

According to the USDA , 100 grams of mango juice contains the nutrient value stated in the chart below
Mango Juice Drinks - the powerhouse drink for you at price slash!

What are the best brands of Mango Juice?

Mango Juice Drinks - the powerhouse drink for you at price slash!
Stute Superior Mango Juice
Stute Superior Mango Juice,
Canoa Natural Fruit Mango Pulp Purees,
Copella Mango and Apple Juice,
Chi Exotic Mango Fruit Drink,
Frooti Mango Juice,
Fruit Smile Mango Drink
Goya Foods Prism Mango Nectar100% natural juice,
Golden Crown Mango Juice,
Jumex Mango Nectar,
Lakewood Organic Biodynamic  Mango Nectar Juice,
Langers Mango Nectar,
Maaza Original Mango Fruit Juice,
Naked Juice Mighty Mango juice blend,
Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango Juice All-natural mango and orange juice,
Pure Mango Juice,
Raw Pressery Cold Extracted Mango Juice,
Real Mango Fruit Juice,
Rita Mango Juice,
Santana Premium Mango juice,
Simply Mango Juice,
Slice Mango Juice,
X-tra Mango Drink.

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