Marrowfat Peas With Immense Nutritional Value

What are marrowfat Peas?

Marrowfat peas are matured green peas left to dry out naturally on the field and hsrvested ,unlike traditional garden pea that are harvested young.

They are starchy, and can be used for making of mushy peas.

What are Marrowfat peas so called?

It was named Marrowfat because it is a “plump” pea.

The Maro variety was introduced to England 100 years ago by the Japanese due to UK’s climatic condition that is ideal for growing Marrowfat peas.

They wanted “fat maros” (good plump peas), and so they became called marrowfat peas.

What differentiates a mushy peas from Marrowfat peas?

Marrowfat peas are what are locally accustomed to make English Mushy Peas and they’re also the different kinds of pea that can be used to make the wasabi peas.

They are much larger than regular peas and have a specific high starch content.

This creates a really different consistency to mushy peas than regular peas will.

What are Marrowfat peas used for?

They are used to make mushy peas.

Marrowfat peas with a good green colour are exported from the United Kingdom to Japan for the snack dish market, while paler peas are used for canning.

Peas with thin skins and a soft texture are ideal for the making of mushy peas.

What’s the difference between processed and Marrowfat peas?

Aside the ‘processed peas’, being popularly associated with school dinners, marrowfat peas are used to make mushy peas as a more mature pea.

As economic crips, they are allowed to grow beyond ripeness in the farm field and left to dry out naturally in the fields.

Are marrowfat peas bad for you?

An average 100g bowl of marrowfat peas has just 86 calories and 0.5g of fat. Men would eat 29 bowls of marrowfat peas per day to be able to meet their recommended daily allowance of 2500 calories.

Why are my marrowfat peas mushy?

They’re made fromva bigger and rounder sort of marrowfat peas.

Mushy peas are dried but becomes plumped after it has been soaked while the Marrowfat peas is allowed to stay longer in the ground.

How long do you steep Marrowfat peas?

You steep marrowfat peas for about 8 hours.

Can you eat raw Marrowfat peas?

Snow peas which can also be called the Chinese pea pods are often eaten raw or stir-fried.

Marrowfat peas are the standard green peas with starchy seeds that are left to dry in the field.

Do you need to soak Marrowfat peas?

For real normal mushy peas, one must soak the dried marrowfat peas overnight for at least 8 hours except they are tagged “no soak”, then cook it low and slow.

Marrowfat peas are the matured standard green peas that are left to dry in the fields.

Can you cook Marrowfat peas without soaking?

Marrowfat Peas does not require soaking unlike the normal green peas.

How do you cook Marrowfat peas?

Rinse Marrowfat peas with water. Place in large bowl.

Add a pint of boiling water, together with a steeping tablet. Rinse again.

Add another pint of boiling water.

When the Marrowfat peas is well cooked, put salt and sugar to taste. Your Marrowfat peas is ready.

What are the ingredients in Marrowfat Processed Peas?

Marrowfat peas,


salt and sugar.

What is the nutritional value of Marrowfat peas?

Nutritional value per 100g are stated below:

Energy 374kj/88kcal,

Protein 6.7g,

Carbohydrate 13.8g of which sugar 1.4g,

Dietary fiber 59g,

Fat 0.7g of which saturates 0.3g,

Sodium 0.3g, salt equivalent 0.84g.

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