Mustard Oil With All Its Amazing Benefits.

What is known as mustard Oil?

The name mustard oil can be used for two different oils that are gotten from mustard seeds.

A fatty vegetable oil which is obtained as a result of cold-pressing of the mustard seeds.

The seeds are first grinded, then water added to it before the volatile oil is  separated from the mixture by distillation.

Why is mustard oil banned in some countries?

In EU, USA and Canada, Mustard oil is banned and not allowed for edible consumption, ultimately due to its erucic acid content.

What are the uses of mustard oil?

Mustard oil, from the seeds of the mustard plant, is a popular ingredient in Indian cuisine.

It is well known for its strong flavor, pleasant aroma, and high smoke point, it’s mostly used for sautéing and stir-frying vegetables in some parts of the world, which includes India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

What are the necessary ingredients used to make mustard oil?

The ingredients used include cup of yellow mustard seeds, cup of brown mustard seeds, tablespoon mustard powder, olive oil.

Is mustard oil dangerous?

Mustard oil may be dangerous as it contains high levels of erucic acid. This monounsaturated fatty acid is found in several oils.

If taken moderately, erucic acid is safe, but higher levels may be really dangerous.

Which is better, mustard oil or olive oil?

It has been proven by most in most researches that mustard oil is more healthy than olive oil due to its ideal ratio of fatty acids.

Both omega-3 and omega-6 are found in it in just the correct amount that constitutes a good diet for better heart health.

What are the adverse effects of mustard oil?

Long-term regular application of mustard oil can have some bad effects on the skin. It can trigger minor to major skin blisters.

If you consume mustard oil in large amount, you can experience rhinitis as your mucous membrane is likely to get inflamed.

What can I use mustard oil for?

In the kitchen, mustard oil is useful in frying, it can be used in flavouring and, because of its preservative qualities, it is also used to preserve things such as chutneys and pickles.

Is mustard oil OK for cooking?

When mustard oil is used for cooking, it has many benefits; it contains rich amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (MUFA and PUFA) as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

These fats are essential as they lower the risk of developing ischemic heart disease by almost half.

Does mustard oil help to thicken hair?

Just as there are many of the qualities that make mustard oil advantageous to body health, there are also qualities that make it good for the scalp and hair.

Mustard oil has a high level of fats which includes omega-3 fatty acids.

Therefore, applying mustard oil as a scalp treatment for your hair will definitely help to protect and improve hair root health, which makes it stronger and  thicker.

What is the benefit of mustard oil to lungs?

Mustard oil has been revealed and proven as a natural remedy for asthma and sinusitis for a long time now.

Talking about asthma relief, mustard oil is an essential remedy and one of the best emergency home remedies in sinusitis.

What is the nutritional value of mustard oil?

According to the USDA, nutrional information on 100g of Mustard Oil is as stated in the table below.

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