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What is probiotic blemish Hero?

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Probiotic blemish hero also known as skin saving, spot cream paste, which is nourished with distilled witch hazel, white China clay and salicyclic acid best known to work on breakouts and redness without drying.

What are the ingredients not found in probiotic blemish Hero?

Made without some a lot of ingredients that comes with questions which include sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and many more.

What are the ingredients used to make pro biotic blemish Hero?

The ingredients used to make probiotic blemish Hero used include:

Witch Hazel –

this is an anti microbial, natural astringent that fights the growth of bacterial on skin, reduces production of excess oil to tone and contrast pores together with relieve in inflammation and it helps reduce skin redness.

China Clay –

It helps cleanse and remove impurities from the pores and not leaving red spot or irritation. It is also rich of mineral with natural anti septic characteristics which readily soothe inflammation.

Willow Bark –

This contains Salicin, which is a natural exfoliant that helps wear off skin that are dead and also clear pores. It has a high level of tannis and flavonoids, both is well known as anti inflammatory and analgesic used to alleviate redness and any form of swelling on the skin. And many others.

How do you use Probiotic blemish Hero?

To achieve a best result in no time ,apply pro biotic blemish hero directly on the spot, allow to dry and wash it off at your desired time to.

When should you use probiotic blemish hero?

To get the best results from the use of probiotic blemish hero, use overnight by applying directly to the blemish, leave the probiotic blemish hero to dry and wash off with water whenever you’re ready to. 

How To Get Probiotic Blemish Hero 

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End date:10/06/2021