Oat Biscuit Is More Than A Biscuit

What are known as oat biscuits?

An oatmeal raisin cookie is a drop cookie distinguished by its oatmeal-based dough mixed with throughout the cookie after baking.

Typically, the ingredients used in making oat biscuits include flour, sugar, eggs, salt, raisins  and various spices.

Are oat biscuits healthy?

Yes. Oats are generally high in fibre and  B-vitamins. When consumed as oat biscuits, it will provide the digestion-aiding fibre and beta glucan, a fibre which is soluble and attributed for helping to reduce cholesterol.

Oat biscuit is typically 40 per cent lower in sugar compared to similar biscuits, they are always in packs of four biscuits  and if you consume all four, that’s a total of 8.8g sugar, just a bit more than two teaspoons.

Are oats more healthy when compared to wheat?

Oats contain a noticeable amount of a specific type of fiber known as beta glucan which are not present in wheat and most other grains.

Studies have consistently linked this to having healthier cholesterol scores and reduces the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

What are the adverse effects of eating oats?

Intestinal gas and bloating may be caused by oat. To reduce these side effects, start by consuming small amount and increase slowly to the desired amount.

Your body adapt to oat bran and the side effects will likely be minimized or outrightly diminished.

Can oats make you gain weight?

If taken in excess, even oatmeal can make you gain weight. It can immediately turn from a slimming breakfast to a blood sugar-spiking food that may be hazardous to your waistline.

Can I consume oatmeal daily?

Oats contain fiber which is good for your digestive health. If you have serious constipation issues, eating oats every morning will greatly help.

One cup of oats has four grams of fiber. You can also add fruits and nuts to improve the fiber level of your breakfast.

Can oatmeal take care of belly fat?

Yes. This oatmeal which a weight loss superfood is rich in protein and low in calories, which qualifies it as a perfect food for a flat stomach.

Oats takes a while to digest in the body and as a result of this tend to burn calories.

Is Oats biscuits a good for meal for weight loss?

Talking of richness in nutrients, being affordable and endlessly customizable, oats are staple breakfast for many.

It is rich in healthy carbs and fibre, it is the best breakfast for weight watchers.

What ingredients are used in making oats biscuits?

Ingredient Checklist
Butter, softened
White sugar
Brown sugar
Vanilla extract
All-purpose flour
Baking soda
Ground cinnamon
Quick cooking oats

What is the nutritional value of Oat biscuit?

According to nutritionix,nutrional information on 28g of Oat biscuit is as stated in the table below.

What are the best brands of Oat Biscuit?

Mini Chips More Oat Double Choc,

Archway Cookies,

Quaker Breakfast cookies,

Milkmakers Lactation cookie bites,

Maxine’s Heavenly,

Oatcakes- Effie’s Homemade,

Heavenly Hunks.

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