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What is known as Oat flour?

Oat flour- Premium and Gluten Free!

Oat flour is whole-grain flour made from rolling oats. Oat flour is rich in a lot of nutrients such as manganese, molybdenum, phosphorous, copper, biotin, vitamin B1, magnesium, chromium, and fiber.

What can serve as an alternative for oat flour?

If you desire a perfect alternative for oat flour, make use of rice flour as it gives an equal amount of benefit. 

What differentiate oatmeal from oat flour?

Oatmeal and oat flour are made from the same ingredients, thereby making them so identical in nutritional makeup and have the same flavor. One of these ingredients is whole oat groats.

The major difference is that oatmeal has a coarser texture, while flour is just pure fine powder.

If you place steel cut oats and oat flour in the same place, then you will really see this difference.

Can oat flour be used instead of regular flour?

You cannot substitute oat flour for all flour used inn baking because oat flour is gluten-free.

It is known that some of these baked goods need the gluten for slow rising. A good example is yeast breads.

How does oat flour look like?

Oat flour is silky in texture and has a barely noticeable ‘oaty’ flavor that is palatable to all.

It looks like wheat flour with an exception that it doesn’t contain any gluten. It boasts of more healthy nutrients than regular flour.

Nutrients like protein and fiber are more than that of regular flour.

Is oat flour nutritionally better than all-purpose flour?

Affirmatively yes.
The Nutrition of Oat Flour is as follows:It contains 110 calories, 3 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, calcium, iron, potassium, thiamin, and riboflavin in a quarter cup of Oat flour. Considering this, oat flour has significantly more nutritional benefits than when compared white flour.

Does Oat flour helps to lose weight?

Oats flour is just another perfect food that helps in weight loss. Overeating is properly checked as the rich fiber contained in it makes you feel full for longer. 

What’s the nutrition fact of Oat flour ?

According to the Nutritionix , 104 (1 cup) grams of Oat flour contains the nutrient value stated in the chart below

Oat flour- Premium and Gluten Free!

What are the best brands of Oat flour ?

Oat flour- Premium and Gluten Free!
Olyke Foods Oat Flour

Olyke Foods Oat Flour, 

Anthony’s Organic Whole Grain Oat Flour, 

Arrowhead Mills Organic Oat Flour ,

Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Oat Flour ,

Just About Foods Oat Flour

 Naturtonix Premium Ultra Fine Oat Fiber, 

Prairie Gluten-Free  Toasted Oat Flour ,

PuroRaw Organic Oat flour, 

Relative Foods Fine Grind Organic Gluten Free Oat Flour ,

Shepherd’s Natural Premium Quality Oat Flour .

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Oat flour- Premium and Gluten Free!