Palm Fruit Extract With All Its Natural Benefits

What are palm fruit extract?

Palm fruit extract or concentrate is a juice taken out from ripe palm fruits.

What is the importance of palm fruit extract?

Palm oil is one major product of the fruit of the oil palm tree. It gives prevention from vitamin A deficiency, cancer, brain disease, aging; and treating malaria, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cyanide poisoning.

Palm oil is good for weight loss and growing the body’s metabolism.

What benefits can palm fruit give to health?

Palm vitamin E ,containing 30% tocopherols and 70% tocotrienols, has been comprehensively affirmed for its nourishing and health properties, which includes antioxidant activities, cholesterol lowering, anti-cancer effects and protection against atherosclerosis.

These are possible because of its tocotrienol content.

What are the uses of palm fruit?

The palm fruit provides a lot of benefits and each part of the palm fruit provides different uses.

For example,the pulp layer(mesocarp) ,just below its outer skin(exocarp) contains the palm oil which is extracted and sold as vegetable palm oil extract for use in cooking, while its central nut,made up of the kernel enclosed in a shell (endocarp) is rich in oil called Palm Kernel Oil(P.K.O) used for making cosmetics, soaps, lubricants,processing tin plates etc.

What does palm kernel do to the body?

The oil from the palm kernel is very rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E that help delay the onset of aging while preventing the premature aging of cells. When PKO is incorporated into hair creams, it helps improve hair growth and health.

There are reports of its use as home remedy for restoring the health of convulsing children and repairing dry scaly skin caused by excessive dehydration of the skin.

PKO is rich in  lauric acid which when consumed can raise your blood cholesterol levels, although it raises the good HDL more than the bad LDL

What is the difference between palm fruit oil and palm oil?

No much difference as they both come from palm trees, though the similarity ends there. Palm oil is gotten from palm fruit, while palm seed serves as the source for palm kernel oil.

In addition to, over 80 percent of the fat present in palm kernel oil is saturated, while only 50 percent of palm oil is. This makes it easier on arteries.

How is palm fruit used?

Soups and sauces gives better taste and become more nourishing when palm fruit is used. It also can be used for frying.

In Ghana, a soup called palm nut soup is made by boiling, mashing and straining the flesh of the fruit and cooking it in conjunction with meats and vegetables.

What fruit are gotten from palm trees?

The most common product of palm trees are coconuts, little did you know that dates, betel nuts and acai fruit are also from palm trees as well.

Palm oil, as widely known, also has it source from the fruit of the oil palm tree.

What is the difference between Palm fruit oil and palm oil?

They both come from palm trees. There are similarities anyways. Palm oil is gotten from the fruit of palm tree, while the oil from palm kernel is extracted from the seed of palm tree.

Approximately 80 percent of the fat present palm kernel oil is saturated; while in palm oil just 50 percent of palm oil, making it easier on arteries

How poisonous can palm fruits be?

If you want to be completely precise, if not all, most palm fruits are eatable, though eating most of them will not be recommended.

Some are poisonous however, and have really high levels of oxalates in them so these are palm fruits that certainly should not be eaten.

How is palm fruit juice made?

Grind the palm fruits in the mixer.
Additives can be added e.g.  rosemilk syrup, samsa seeds, sugar to the milk.

You should also add kadal pasi and the already mixed palm fruits to the milk.
Leave it in a refrigerator for few minutes. Palm fruit juice is ready to serve

How do you preserve palm fruit?

If you wish to prolong the shelf-life of Palm Fruit,store it in the fridge or freezer.

What are the benefits of palm fruit?

Another important new output from the oil palm fruit is the phenolic-flavonoid-rich antioxidant complex which is soluble in water.

This is rich in antioxidant properties together with beneficial effects against skin, breast and other cancers.

How can palm oil be extracted from palm fruit at home?

Rinse the palm fruits.

Washing the palm fruits is important to remove dirt particles that might have snug to it from harvesting and picking it from the bunch.

Next is to boil the palm fruits.
Pound the boiled palm nuts.

You can use mortar and pestle or you can use your hands to mash it in a bowl.

What are the shortcomings of using palm oil?

Palm oil has social impacts as it production has been related with corruption, forced ejections and land-grabbing.

It has ignited conflict with local communities, which mostly include indigenous people. Forced labour, child labour and violations of worker rights on some plantations have always been a serious concern.

What is the Nutrional value in Palm Oil?

A cup of Palm oil  can give as much as:

216 g of total lipid fat,

34.43 mg of Vitamin E,

17.3 µg of Vitamin K,

106.488 g of total saturated fat,

0.216 g of lauric acid,

93.96 g of palmitic acid,

2.16 g of myristic acid,

9.288 g of stearic acid,

79.92 g of total monounsaturated fats,

79.056 g of oleic acid,

0.648 g of palmitoleic acid,

0.216 g of gadoleic acid,

20.088 g of total polyunsaturated fats,

19.656 g of linoleic acid,

0.432 g of Linolenic acid,

0.6 mg of choline,

0.02 mg of iron,

1909 calories.

In percentage value, the major nutrients in Palm Oil are in the following values:

Choline (0.11%)

Iron (0.25%)

Vitamin K (14.42%)

Vitamin E (229.53%)

Total Fat (617.14%)

What are the benefits of palm oil to the body?

Palm oil is gotten from palm fruit tree. Palm oil is essential for the prevention of vitamin A deficiency, cancer, brain disease, aging; and treating malaria, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cyanide poisoning.

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