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What is Puff Puff mix ?

Puff Puff Mix - instant fried puff puff at giveaway price !

Puff Puff mix, also known as, Beignet, bofrot or Mandazi , is a ready to use ‘Just add water and mix ‘ light powder combination of flour, yeast, salt, sugar, and powdered spices like pepper, nutmeg, used for preparing delicious and tasty instant fried puff puff.

Typically, puff puff mix is fortified with nutrients like some vitamins and minerals and very easy to use. Just add water, stir well, leave for some time to activate, then scoop small portions of about 2-3 teaspoonfuls of the Puff-Puff batter with your hand and drop in hot oil and fry. It immediately puffs up and almost like you doughnut. 

Puff Puff is a popular African and Carribean societies street snack. It can be eaten by children and adults, served at breakfast, dessert, snack time or served alone or mixed with other pasteries as ‘small chops’ at parties.

 Puff-Puff Mix can come in different flavours, spicy or plain original mix without spices like nutmeg,onion  pepper and cinnamon.

Though Puff-Puff mix is appropriate for vegetarian friendly diets, it’s high in calories and sugar so should be consumed in moderation especially by diabetics and those on weight loss plans. 



What exactly is Puff Puff?


Puff Puff is the act of a lady stroking another person’s face with her breasts is known as a Puff-Puff, however the true nature of the act is only hinted to in Dragon Quest.



In English, what is Puff Puff?


In British English, puff-puff

British noun. According to the Collins English Dictionary, puff-puff is a lexicon of the English language. Puff-puff is a name for a steam locomotive or railway train that is appropriate for children.




What makes a Puff Puff different from a bun?


Puff puff and buns have a lot in common because they’re both deep-fried balled-up pastry. Puff Puff has a more oily form, soft inside and out, than Nigerian Buns, which has a deeper flavor with a crispy surface and pillowy insides.




Puff Puff belongs to which food group?


USDA Nutritional Information for Baked Good

Puff pastry belongs to the USDA’s Baked Products nutritional food category.



What is it about puffs that babies find so appealing?


Puffs and the pixie dust-like debris they leave behind appear to be a rite of passage for this generation’s babies and toddlers. They’re easy for small fingers to pick up once they’ve mastered the pincer grip, and they come in bright colors and fun shapes. They’re also a great snack to take with you on the move.



What is the origin of the name Puff Puff?


Puff-puff is a typical African delicacy consisting of fried dough that is popular in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and anglophone Cameroon.



Why is my Puff Puff so difficult?


My Puff Puffs Aren’t Fluffy or Soft: Perhaps you didn’t add enough water throughout the mixing process. Learn how to make puff puffs with the proper batter thickness, which should resemble pancake batter. If your puff puff batter is too thick the next time, add a little more water.



Is gluten present in Puff Puff?


Puff Puff is already vegan (in most cases), but this version is also gluten-free and sugar-free. I was pleasantly delighted at how fluffy and light it turned out without using any yeast!



How to make puff puff at home ?


You can use the puff puff mix or get the individual ingredients below and mix to get your equivalent of puff puff mix.

Puff Puff Mix - instant fried puff puff at giveaway price !

Dry component of the home made puff puff mix:

200 g White wheat Flour

5-10 tablespoons of granulated sugar

¼ teaspoon of Nutmeg powder

¼ teaspoon of chilli pepper powder(optional)

¼ teaspoon of onion powder(optional)

¼ teaspoon of salt to taste

1 teaspoon of dry yeast powder

Wet Ingredients:

¾ cup of water, 

Vegetable oil


Instructions for making Puff Puff 

Measure a cup of the puff puff mix in a small bowl, add the water and mix evenly or add water to a cup of your puff puff mix prepared with the dry component in the recipe above and stir well.

Cover the bowl and leave the thoroughly mixed content for between half hour to 2 hours so that the pasty yeast-flour mixture can activate fully and double in size due to the effect of the yeast .

Transfer your vegetable oil into a frying pan up to  3 inches deep or more and heat up the oil, take scoops of about 2-5 teaspoons (depending on the size you desire) of the batter with your hand or ice cream scoop and drop carefully into the frying oil .

As the batter swells and fry, the lower part of the batter in the hot oil changes colour into golden brown. Flip the  batter to the other side and turn till all the parts is a golden brown puff puff . Remove your puff puff from the frying oil with long straining spoon and place on your plates. You can serve and enjoy it warm with tea or other snacks. 



Is it possible to eat puffs as a meal?



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Is it possible to choke on puffs?


Yes it is possible to choke on puffs. In a report, Milanaik and her colleagues blind-tested nine goods marketed to “crawlers” – melts, cooked fruit, puffed grain products, cookies, and cereals — and discovered that the majority of them are choking dangers, especially if not consumed within an hour.



What is the shelf life of puff puff?


How long your puff puff will remain fresh and safe to eat depends on how you store it after its preparation. If you leave it out in the open or stored at room temperature in food containers, puff puff may become unwholesome to eat by next day or maximum two days after next day if its dry and well deep fried.

However, if you keep your puff puff in a refrigerator or freezer, it can stay fresh and safe to eat for up to 6 months. Whenever you need to eat your tasty puff puff, just retrieve it from the the freezer, leave to defrost and then microwave. Serve and enjoy warm.




What is the best way to introduce puffs to my baby?


During mealtime, place a couple puffs on their tray. Between their thumb and forefinger, your baby will rake, grip, and eventually pinch the puffs, bringing them to their mouth. If they can’t get the puffs into their mouth themselves, resist the urge to help them.



I’m not sure what the difference is between puff and puff plus.


The Puff Bar Plus, unlike its predecessor, has a mouthpiece bore. It’s also little, but it’s a little bigger than the Puff Bar because it can store 3.2mL of vaping liquid. One of the best features of the Puff Bar Plus is that it can provide consumers with at least 800 puffs (the equivalent of at least two packs of cigarettes).




What is the purpose of puff pastry?


Making the Most of Your Puff Pastry

It can be used as a crust for a free-form tart, folded into breakfast turnovers, baked into appetizer cups, or sliced into bite-size shapes for appetizers.

Puff pastry is used in a variety of situations.

This buttery pastry can be used for pies, tarts, pastries, and canapés, whether it’s a quick rough puff, prepared from scratch, or a cheat’s off-the-shelf block.




Puff Puff Nutrition Facts


According to myafricagourmet, one serving of 17 grams puff puff mix contain the information stated in the chart below
Puff Puff Mix - instant fried puff puff at giveaway price !

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Sof Puff-Puff Flour Mix.



How To Get Puff Puff Bofrot Flour Mix Free Sample


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Puff Puff Mix - instant fried puff puff at giveaway price !
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Puff Puff Mix - instant fried puff puff at giveaway price !