Seasoning Cubes For Tasty Meals

What are called seasoning cubes?

Vegetarian seasoning cube is an all-purpose seasoning ingredient used to add flavour to vegetables, soups and stews.

It is usually made from mixing several varieties like iodised salt, garlic powder, sugar, onion powder, edible starch, black pepper, turmeric powder and vegetable oil together with some flavouring agents.

What are the things contained in seasoning cubes?

Generally, seasoning cube contains salt, sugar, extracts of vegetables and natural spices and flavours or extracts of poultry, fish or beef and MSG (Monosodium glutamate).

Are seasoning cubes good for the body?

The principal ingredients in most seasoning cubes are salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate (msg), saturated fat, flavouring, preservatives and wheat or maize starch.

It is generally believed that consumption of food with their chemical additives and preservatives comes with health risks. These health risks can range from heart issues to asthma and spiked risk of cancer.

How are seasoning cubes used?

It contributes a great flavour to soups and stews, sauces and marinades too, making the food more palatable.

For a quick dip to spice up fruit and vegetable sticks, blend sour cream or yogurt with vegetarian seasoning cubes and thyme.

It is a good way of adding a stimulating flavour to your salads.

How do you make seasoning cubes locally?

Looking at this, you will need to make use of vegetables and herbs you like best.

Cut them, put them together in a pot, add vegetable oil and salt and cook till they are very soft.

Blend the mixture and pass through a sieve then pour in ice cube trays and freeze.

Do seasoning cubes have adverse effects on you?

A lot ask the question if it is possible to develop high blood pressure due to the consumption of seasoning cube.

Affirmatively, the answer is simply YES.

It has been confirmed that one of the major and primary ingredients of seasoning cube is salt, and of great health concern is that most cooks add a quite number of cubes to their cooking along with salt to taste.

Nutritional information on Seasoning Cubes.

A typical seasoning cube contains;

Energy: 30kl/7kcal <1%

Sugars: 0.4g <1%

Fat:      0.2g    <1%

Saturates: 0.1g  <1%

Salt: 2.50g and 42%

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