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What is Senior Mini?

Senior Mini is a husse product specially developed for older dogs of smaller breeds.

Senior Mini is formulated into small kibbles to make it easy to feed on by dogs with small teeth and jaws.

It is enriched with taurine and vitamins A, C, E to strengthen the dog’s immune system and slow down the process of cell aging.

What are the main compositions in senior mini?

The main compositions are chicken, wheat, wheat meal, maize, rice flour, rice, beet pulp, animal fat, linseed, hydrolysed animal protein, salmon, salmon oil, yeast, dried whole eggs, salt, fructo-oligosaccharides (0.3%), potassium chloride, lecithin, sea algae, Tagetes.

Does Senior mini weakens the teeth?

It has the right balance of calcium and phosphorus to strengthen teeth.

It is enriched with vitamin D to increase absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Senior Mini is formulated and extruded as small kibbles to make it easy to be devoured with small teeth and jaws.

Is Senior mini nutritious?

It is reach in minerals that Strengthens the bones and teeth and also enriched in minerals that aid resisting diseases.

It contains 58% Animal protein of total protein content. The taurine content of senior mini is vital in the dog food formula of older dogs.

Does Senior mini support the heart function?

It is  enriched with taurine whuch supports the function of the heart and is important in the nutrition of older dogs.

Does it weaken the bones and joints?

It contains Chondroitin and glucosamine, which are components of the cartilage in the joints; these substances support the cartilage for supple joints.

It has the right balance of calcium and phosphorus to strengthen bones. It is enriched with vitamin D to increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Does Senior mini cause stooling?

It promotes a healthy stomach. It has high energy content meaning smaller portions to avoid stomach problems.

It contains fructo-oligosaccharides and yeast which favour ‘good’ bacteria in the stomach and reduce the risk of soft stool.

It is rich in fibre to stimulate intestinal movement and to improve texture of stool.

It contains lecithin to increase digestibility of fats.

Is Senior mini tasty?

It is very tasty and contains high quality ingredients which give tastes that dog loves.

Does Senior mini strengthen the immune system?

It is enriched with Vitamins A and E which increase resistance to disease and boost immune system. It has an antioxidant, beta-carotene to strengthen natural immunity.

Optimal content of fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 aid the dog’s system to counteract inflammations and strengthen immunity.

Does Senior mini makes the dog look healthy?

With the presence of salmon oil (optimal ratio omega-3/Omega-6) contributes to a healthy skin and coat, and stimulates appetite.

What is the best brands of Dog Food For Small Breeds of Dogs?

Senior Mini by Husse.

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